What I learnt During the Pandemic Week Ending 15/5/20

In Jamaica I Learnt

  1. Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) board announced that final school exams will be held in July. Jamaica disagrees with CXC and the fellow members of CARICOM; is keen for a much later date. Some Jamaican high school principals have welcomed CXC’s decision. Concerns raised over the lack of e-testing capabilities. Somehow you feel having no permanent Minister of Education for 15 months has not helped Jamaica’s cause.
  2. Government apologised for the poor state of quarantine conditions for recent returnees.
  3. Outrage in some circles over a British traveler who came in on a flight from the UK and was whisked away in a diplomatic marked vehicle. Was the traveler an immigration official?
  4. Some Jamaicans filled the sidewalks to collect their stimulus one-off payment.
  5. Government minister Everald Warmington publicly disagreed with his fellow MPs – on both sides of the House – on the notion of public landmarks being named after politicians. Warmy said parliamentarians are there to serve and should not expect such grand adulation. For once I agree with him.
  6. The silence on care home continues. No comparative data released on deaths in care homes compared to previous years for the same period.
  7. Former cricketer Michael Holding – via his You Tube channel – delivered a few snorters from an undisclosed audit report of Cricket West Indies. One of the stunning findings Mikey revealed was that in 2013, India’s cricket board – BCCI – had given Cricket West Indies $US500K specifically to share amongst former players. If this allegation is true….



Globally I learnt

  1. England and Tottenham Hotspur footballer, Harry Kane, will be the shirt sponsor for lower English league club, Leyton Orient, through charities. Mental health charity Mind and Haven House Children’s Hospice will have their logos on the O’s two change shirts as part of the deal. Lower league football clubs are facing serious financial challenges so this is an excellent initiative by Harry. At the start of his professional career Harry spent a season (2011) on loan from Spurs at Leyton Orient. But what make this generosity even more special is that Harry grew up 5 minutes drive from Leyton in Walthamstow. Walthamstow’s Peter May Sports Centre (named after the former great English cricketer) was where Kane and the likes of Andros Townsend and David Beckham played as youngsters. Leyton Orient is admired by other London-based football fans for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. A great gesture for an iconic little club.
  2. Some think-tanks have been too quick list winning countries or losers in the fight against the pandemic without drilling down on the headline information supplied by government officials. 
  3. 280 patients have died of COVID-19 at St George’s in Tooting, South London.
  4. Angolan billionaire – Isabel Dos Santos – is fighting back against claims of corruption charged by her government.
  5. We lost singer Betty Wright of “goodbye you” and “thank you for the many things you’ve done” vintage. So too Jillian Cozier, wife of the late Barbadian cricket journalist Tony Cozier.
  6. Care Inspectorate in Scotland – during an unannounced inspection of a care home in Skye – ordered its immediate closure; major concerns about the quality of care experienced by residents.
  7. Care workers in the UK demand a living wage. Long overdue.
  8. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams voice (& those of his colleagues) was censored by the govt and was not heard on UK news in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I learnt that the voice actors (including an Ulster man) who read Adams’ actual words were told not to come across as Irish. Hence why at times Adams sounded Scottish. Also learnt that Adams’ words – when he was on camera – were deliberately done out of sync by the voice actors as a protest by BBC journalists over the censorship.
MK defects from Lapid: 'Gantz doing the right thing'

Ethiopian-born Pnina Tamano-Shata – Israel’s new Immigration Minister


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