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GB Election 2019: The Fountainhead in Farage

You have to hand it to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage though. The man has made a successful cottage industry for himself and complete fools of many of us with his fight against the EU. The man has cemented his … Continue reading

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UK General Elections – The Smaller Parties

When next month’s UK general election is concluded, either the Labour or Conservative Party may have to rely on the support of seats won by their smaller rivals to form a government that functions effectively. Liberal Democrats It is hard … Continue reading

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Coe Needs a Red Card from Athletics

If Seb Coe remains head of the IAAF for much longer he is going to ruin the sport with his conservative approach. Coe’s recent announcement to remove  the discus, 200m, 3000m steeplechase and triple jump  from next season’s Diamond League … Continue reading

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Standoff Between Bustamante Hospital & PNP Councillor leads to Shutdown – Security?

A recent spat between Kari Douglas, PNP Councillor, and Dr Judith Francis Bogle at the Bustamante Hospital for Children has been a hot topic in Jamaica this week. Douglas was said to be unimpressed with the initial reaction from staff … Continue reading

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UK General Election – End of Musical Chairs, Watson and Austin?

One of the reasons why I am pleased that there is a general election next month, is it should bring an end to the musical chairs by self-serving MPs switching political parties in a huff. This ridiculous party switching was … Continue reading

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Cricket West Indies – Testing Phase

Cricket West Indies (CWI) recently made some significant appointments that us fans hope is a step in the right direction. First, Phil Simmons is back as head coach of the men’s senior team, 3 years after getting his marching orders … Continue reading

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Proof Again that Dayton Campbell is Wasted on the Back Benches

An excellent speech in Jamaica’s parliament this week by the People National Party’s (PNP) Dayton Campbell. It was succinct, engaging, and ebullient. You could tell from the body language of some Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) members – across the aisle … Continue reading

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