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Jamaica’s Chronic Violence: Still Paying for the Sins of the Political Mothers and Fathers?

Keith Duncan, banker and current president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), has been quite vocal for some time in his criticism of the 2 main political parties over their failure to quell violent and organised crime. Duncan … Continue reading

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Jamaican Government’s Broadcast Ban on Certain Music, Video, Films etc – Red Herring?

The Broadcasting Commission – Jamaica’s regulator for radio, television and subscriber television service – recently issued a directive for the immediate ban from the airwaves of any material that glamourises illegal guns & drugs, scamming and violence. The key parts … Continue reading

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Proportionally, Does Jamaica Need up to 100 MPs?

Recently, within the Jamaican parliament chambers, there have been concerns raised by some members of the lower house (Members of Parliament) over the tardiness of some of their colleagues.  Similar concerns have long been raised over the attendance record of … Continue reading

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All Change at KLAS Sports Radio and CVM Television

In 2022 so far Jamaica’s media landscape has seen 2 major developments. CVM’s REBOOT? Verticast Media Group’s purchase of CVM Television is a welcome move by its CEO Oliver McIntosh who for decades was the main man at the Caribbean … Continue reading

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Review: Portia Simspon-Miller – The Girl from Woodhall

Recently, Television Jamaica (TVJ) showed a documentary  “The Girl from Woodhall” which was a political biography of Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica’s first female prime minister (2006-7, 2011-2016) and first female president of the People’s National Party (PNP) from 2005-2017.. A … Continue reading

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Lisa Hanna finally Jumps from her Perilous PNP Patch in St Ann

It comes as no real surprise that Lisa Hanna – the 15 year PNP representative for South East St Ann – is planning to walk away from representational politics. For one, Hanna had little chance of retaining her seat at … Continue reading

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Johnson & Johnson-Smith loss to Baroness Scotland is a Win for Common Sense

Baroness Patricia Scotland retained her position as the Commonwealth Secretary General (CSG) after she fought off a Boris Johnson-led smear-fest mission to unseat her. Scotland defeated her Boris-backed opponent Kamina Johnson-Smith (Jamaica’s foreign minister) by 27 votes to 24 in … Continue reading

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Fortnight of Old Harbour Stories in Media Land

It has been a newsy 2 weeks for the Jamaican St Catherine town of Old Harbour for an array of mostly positive reasons. Negatively, there was a murder on Marlie Avenue, some kind of execution, not far from the new … Continue reading

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The Case for Caribbean Reparations Requires High Profile Advocates and Ambassadors

The recent visit to Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas by Kate & William (Duchess & Duke of Cambridge) has revived the debate of reparations to former UK Caribbean colonies by British in relation to the systematic abuse (incl. slavery) of … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day & the Missed Chance on Jamaica’s New Banknotes

When Nigel Clarke (Jamaica’s finance minister) addressed parliament yesterday and announced a raft of new bank notes I thought from the display it must be April Fools. The names of the individuals on these notes are roughly the same from … Continue reading

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