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Phillips Survives Curveball from Bunting – What Happens Next?

People’s National Party’s (PNP) President, Peter Phillips (One PNP), held off a strong challenge for the leadership to defeat rival Peter Bunting (Rise United) by 1,427 (51%) votes to 1,351 (49%). Just. PNP delegates spoke on Saturday (96% turnout) and … Continue reading

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PNP Leadership Race: Parting Peters

Peter Phillips, the current leader of Jamaica’s People’s National Party (PNP) should send a thank you emoji to his rival in the leadership race, Peter Bunting. Bunting’s challenge for the leadership has certainly given the PNP the impetus it has … Continue reading

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HOPE for Danville Walker and Others

Jamaica’s leading anti-corruption watchdog  – Integrity Commission – recently published its 1st Annual Report. One of the telling areas of the report – not mentioned widely in media or political circles – is on page 45 and what it says … Continue reading

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PEP & CMU Just Not Adding Up

If Apple Inc. removed its CEO, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Design Officer right in the middle of the launch of a major product, then shares in that company would fall sharply and shareholders would demand immediate answers from the … Continue reading

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Jamaica’s National Trials and that Hurdles Fiasco

The outcome to the women’s recent 100m hurdles non-race at Jamaica’s recent national senior and junior trials was a major embarrassment. Danielle Williams, Jamaica’s number 1 sprint hurdler in recent years, had clearly false started and was given the red … Continue reading

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PNP Leadership Race: Peter vs Peter vs ?

Jamaica’s People’s National Party (PNP) will have a leadership race as Peter Bunting has confirmed his intentions to challenge current leader, Peter Phillips. In his statement Bunting remarked “Dr Phillips has made an outstanding contribution to the party and the … Continue reading

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Latest from the PAAC Hearings: The Yacht, The Minister, The Advisor and Donor Consultant

The Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) hearings into the shenanigans – centred  on a number of scandals within  Jamaica’s education sector – continues to unravel before our eyes. Leaving the public seeking with more answers. Last week’s key takeaways … Continue reading

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