What I Learnt During the Pandemic week ending 22/5/20

In Jamaica I learnt

  • Since March this year the Ministry of Health has conducted inspections on 118 care homes (total 187). 85 were deemed satisfactory and 33 unsatisfactory. Government Member of Parliament, Juliet Holness is keen for govt officials to conduct more unannounced spot checks on care homes. [Still a complete mystery that after 4 years the excellent Mrs Holness is still not in the cabinet given the plethora of lightweights currently there.]
  • Public pressure forced the govt to cave in and allow a cruise ship carrying over 1000 Jamaicans to dock on the north coast.
  • The Jamaica Observer – normally a strong supporter of the govt – came out hard against them with a stinging editorial –Indecision! Gov’t fiddles while economy burns!
  • Jamaican final year high schoolers will take their CXC exams in July.
  • Michael Holding’s explosive revelations last week on an audit of Cricket West Indies (CWI) has caused a public rumpus and threats of legal action. Did Holding receive a cease and desist order from lawyers for former CWI president, Dave Cameron? Hence his silence since on the subject?
  • 40 years since a fire destroyed Myers Ward at the Eventide Home for the Aged in Kingston which killed 153 elderly women. Still leaves a bitter taste for many as this tragedy was at the height of political violence in the run-up to the 1980 general election. Many said immediately after the fire that it was influenced by political violence & some blamed international interference. The deceased and their families were let down by both main political parties as from the 1950s the building was deemed unlivable by the State. The fact that the victims’ names have never been listed anywhere – 40 years on – is still very telling.

Eventide Home: Jamaica's Tragedy Of Forgotten History ...

Globally I learnt

  • Countries have no consistent formula for calculating the number of COVID-19 deaths.
    • Germany, Luxembourg, South Korea and Spain count all deaths of those who have tested positive for COVID-19, whether they take place in hospital or elsewhere.
    • China and Iran only count deaths in hospitals in their daily tolls.
    • New York counts deaths in care homes, California does not.
    • In Canada, Quebec and Ontario have different methods for calculating COVID-19 deaths.
  • Some infection control experts still stress the need to test front-line workers such as taxi drivers, transit and grocery workers.
  • Slovaks can now travel freely for up to 24 hours to eight other European states from Thursday. incl. Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary. Wearing face masks outside no longer obligatory in Slovakia.
  • In Ireland, employers being informed first of COVID-19 test results of their staff has led to criticism and a data protection inquiry. Health Service Executive has suspended the practice.
  • Points-based UK immigration bill passed by parliament.
  • UK govt in U-Turn mode 
    • force to remove the immigration health surcharge for foreign NHS and care workers.
    • indefinite leave to remain now offered to include staff such as porters, cleaners and care workers.
  • A gift of 700 pairs of Clarks work shoes was donated to a North West London hospital but denied to cleaners and porters.
  • There is a unit within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) dedicated to the “reconstruction” of Venezuela.
  • Adults in England will be automatically considered organ donors unless they opt out, after a change in the law.
  • Lake District (love this place) locals erect fake signs and roadblocks to deter tourists.
  • White House staff wore face masks made in Taiwan.
  • Mozambique has sought military air and naval support from South Africa to fight Islamist insurgency.
  • 28 Cuban doctors arrived in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to fight the pandemic.
  • With a general election coming up in 4 month’s time, Simon Bridges, Leader of New Zealand’s opposition National Party, has been dumped and swiftly replaced by Todd Muller.
  • According to a World Bank study Jordan topped a list of countries which seem to have have shifted large sums of foreign aid into offshore bank accounts. Over a ten-year period, $US3.13 billion was transferred out of Jordan and into offshore accounts located in havens. Kenya is said to have shifted $US3bn offshore –   Democratic Republic of Congo ($US900m), the Ivory Coast ($US1bn), Honduras ($US300M) and Senegal ($US700m).
  • US federal prosecutors are demanding that a 3,500-year-old clay tablet be returned to Iraq after it was stolen and ended up on display at the Museum of the Bible. The Gilgamesh tablet (below) came over to the US in 2001 – bought along with other historic artifacts for $US50k. Museum of the Bible purchased the tablet in 2014 for $US1,674,000.
U.S. Authorities Say Hobby Lobby's Gilgamesh Tablet Is 'Stolen ...

Treasured Tablet


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