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14 Responses to About

  1. marleyrkives says:

    I enjoyed reading your stories. Always interesting to have a glimpse into someone else’s existence. Guide and protect…

  2. mrwire100 says:

    Hi again Mr Herbsman … really enjoying looking through your blog! However, I’m finding it difficult to find a way to “follow” your posts. Have you checked the settings on your “Widgets” to make sure you give readers the option to follow you? Alternatively, can you tell me how I can sign up for further posts from your blog?

    I’ve typed this while listening to the first disc of the wonderful “Arkology” box set featuring Lee Perry productions – wonderful stuff! If you haven’t got it, here’s a link!


    Take care


  3. Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your variety of topics and look forwarding to reading more of your blog posts.

    • thank you. Your comments on London as a community is so true. The closest London gets to being a community is when there is a long period of sunshine and folks actually speak to one another with a smile.

  4. africanherbsman1967 thanks for visiting caribbeanrootsca. Obviously as you have seen from my post(s) Old Harbour Bay hold some special memories. But you also hit another sensitive spot for me in your blogs posts. In two consecutive years probably 1949 and 1950, as a ten year old, before I emigrated to Canada in 1955, I attended the Denbigh Fair, taken there by an uncle who worked for the Jamaica Agricultural Society. I have such positive memories of those occasions that your photos still resonate powerfully as I look at them. Even after 60 years they produce a smile. Thanks for that smile. Keep celebrating your voice. Garry G. (another Garry but with 2 rs)

    • Garry G

      Loved Denbigh. Looking forward to many more trips there. Yes, I was drawn to your Old Harbour Bay post(s) as I am interested in learning so much about Old Harbour,Old Harbour Bay and surrounding areas’ history. Only yesterday, someone in Old Harbour showed me an amazing aerial photo of Goat Island taken in 1943 (where the Americans were there) and a similar shot of Little Ascot Race Track in 1955. Thanks for your positive views. Gary

  5. Laava Royal says:

    This article introduced me new information, and made laugh out loud at a situation that’ll demand a steady sense of humour to properly navigate. Thank you.

  6. Thanks Mr.Herbsman about your blog I real enjoy reading your articles. Your blog is having lot of information and gives me more knowledge about what is happening around the world. So keep it up on doing this beautiful work that you are doing.

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