Radio Discussion: Jamaica’s Political History, the Early Years – Role of Bustamante, Seaga & the Manleys

  • How did Edward Seaga get into active politics?
  • What is Seaga’s legacy to West Kingston?
  • Did the PNP first start the redevelopment of West Kingston?
  • Did the JLP first build Arnett Gardens?
  • Did Seaga ever try to publicly embarrass Norman Manley?
  • How did Seaga embrace revivalism – did he ever get into “spirit”?
  • Did Jamaica’s political violence start in the 1940s or much later?
  • Who came up with the incendiary political terms “blood fi blood, & “fire fi fire”?
  • Was Seaga behind the idea of Marcus Garvey’s body being transferred from London to Jamaica? Or was is it Leslie Alexander (a white Garveyite) and Vivian Durham?
  • Was the idea of the PNP devised by New York based Jamaicans?
  • Where did the term “dutty Labourite” originate from?

All the answers and much more can be found in a fascinating discussion hosted on Nationwide Radio by Cliff Hughes who spoke with Desmond McKenzie, MP for Kingston Western (0:00-29:00) and Jerry “Bongo” Small, political historian  (29:16 -1.06:00).


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