Conservative Leadership Race to Downing Street – Short Term Let?

The very first thing that struck me about the ongoing British Conservative Party leadership contest was the poor standard of candidates.

When I think back to some of previous leadership races such as the Hurd-Major-Heseltine race of 1990 this current contest looks very 2nd rate despite the publicity generated.

Given the low calibre of the 10 candidates that started this contest, it does clearly explain why Theresa May lasted this long as leader and prime minister. As it would not have taken Mrs May much brain power to run rings around this lot, when they were part of her cabinet.

Now the leadership race is down to a face-off between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. Yet you just wonder how did the UK get to this unfortunate position where neither candidate is truly deserving of the title of prime minister. Both Johnson and Hunt have had dismal records as cabinet ministers.

My own choice for leader was Penny Mordaunt (Defence Secretary) but she stayed out of the contest and is backing Hunt. However, I am sure she and Amber Rudd (another Hunt supporter) are waiting in the wings to seize their moment when the inenvitable slip-ups from the new PM leads to the collapse of the minority Tory government.

This decade has seen the conventions of British politics continue to be rewritten. It is unlikely that any political party will be in a position to win the necessary 326 seats to be a majority government. UK national politics now resembles that of Italy.

Today, some folks in the UK are defined politically by whether they are Remainers or BREXITERS. 6 months ago the idea of a Nigel Farage being part of any UK government looked far fetched. Not any more.

To the victor of the Hunt/Johnson contest, just leave your non-essential items in the crates when you move into 10 Downing Street. You may not be there for long as the chaos of British politics looks to get even more turbulent.

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1 Response to Conservative Leadership Race to Downing Street – Short Term Let?

  1. Marie Carra says:

    What the heck is happening in the political arena worldwide?? Is it in the air? or our food? Indeed Sir, something is wrong. Pretty soon the UK will join the likes of USA and others who have a total moron in charge of their country!

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