UK General Election – End of Musical Chairs, Watson and Austin?

One of the reasons why I am pleased that there is a general election next month, is it should bring an end to the musical chairs by self-serving MPs switching political parties in a huff.

This ridiculous party switching was summed up by the manoeuverings of one Heidi Allen.

Allen started 2019 as a MP for the Conservatives, by March she switched to the newly formed Change UK, only to jump ship again by June and go through her John-the-Baptist phase. By October, Allen joined the Liberal Democrats and in the past couple of weeks has decided not to stand in the general election.

The party hopping of other MPs such as Chuku Umunna, Angela Smith, Sarah Wollaston took on a similar trajectory similar to Allen but Sam Gyimah was another politician who really took the biscuit (annoying). One minute Gyimah (former Conservative minister) ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of his party and weeks later joined the Liberal Democrats.

Allen joins quite a few MPs who have decided not to stand for re-election for varying reasons, but the main one being the level of personal abuse received over BREXIT. But clearly some MPs are leaving rather than face certain defeat on election night. e.g. Amber Rudd with her slim majority of 300+ from the 2017 general election was unlikely to return to the House of Commons.

Yet still I have this inkling – post December 12 – that other pretentious MPs will continue the party hopping games. So the 2 main parties must agree on legislation that will mandate such MPs into a by-election within a certain time frame after them switching parties or going independent.

(back row left to right) Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Chuka Umunna and Mike Gapes, (middle row, left to right) Angela Smith, Luciana Berger and Ann Coffey, (front row, left to right) Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Joan Ryan, following a pres

Change UK MPs – Spring 2019

Image result for change uk mps october 2019

Autumn 2019


Watson and Austin Gone? – Not so fast

Corbyn has had some internal pressure off his battered shoulders with the news that his deputy Tom Watson will not stand in the election. In light of Watson’s disgraceful behaviour in the Carl Beech affair he should have resigned months ago.

Ian Austin is leaving Westminster too.  Good riddance some are saying. But what are Watson and Austin really up to?

Austin – the MP for Dudley North – left Labour months ago and has since endorsed Boris Johnson which outraged some Labour supporters.

Before becoming MPs, both Austin and Watson were advisers/bruisers at the Treasury from the late 1990s/early2000s onward working to – then Iron Chancellor – Gordon Brown.

Austin and Watson along with Ed Balls, Damian “Mad Dog” McBride, Charlie Whelan and Nick Brown created the most despised team of advisers ever to set foot in Whitehall.

Their ruthless behavior created fear and dismay across Whitehall. This underworld of advisers did their best to rip out the independence of the civil service. If you disagreed with them your civil service career was done. They were a smearing machine the likes never seen in  any UK government even up to today.

Back then Tony Blair may have been the Prime Minister but it was Gordon Brown’s junta that controlled the entire civil service and thus had the real power. Even senior members of the Blair cabinet were constantly undermined by Brown’s mob and had zero authority.

In his book ‘The Triumph of the Political Class‘ Peter Oborne perfectly captured the essence of that disgraceful period.

“The most audacious of all the attacks on the civil service was the assault on the Treasury carried out by the new Chancellor Gordon Brown and his tightly knit inner team of advisers….Gordon Brown smashed down the normal structures. E.g. in clear infraction of procedure he brought his special advisers to cabinet committee meeting….carrying on with his own work rather than engaging with the round table discussion ”

Some will tell you it was Austin who was instrumental in removing Tony Blair as PM. “It was that bloody Ian Austin,’ says one Cabinet minister said at the time ‘He’s the real assassin.’

The likes of Austin, Watson, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls were “rewarded”  with safe Labour constituents which was nothing short of corruption in my books.

Rebirth of The Firm?

Watson, Austin, Margaret Hodge, Joan Ryan and many other Labour MPs have all tried since 2015 to remove Corbyn by applying their old dirty smearing tricks. The anti-Semitism smear playbook against Corbyn is part of their modus operandi. Because as someone close to Blair told me years ago it is “effective against the left”.

But I have to admire Corbyn and Diane Abbott for withstanding the brutal media assault both have faced. Most of which has been lies and sheer hypocrisy. If Meghan Markle think she’s had a tough time with the media then I’d suggest she discreetly compares notes with Corbyn and Abbott.

When you see the anti-Corbyn Labourites and their Tory friends attacking Jeremy for being a racists you know they are getting desperate. As they know full well that Corbyn has been fighting against racism from the back benches in 1980s, when it was unfashionable for even BAME politicians to do so.

Although Watson and Austin are leaving Westminster Corbyn and his inner circle cannot  let their guard down against these internal plotters. Are Austin, Watson et al putting the band of brothers back together again?

As the right wing blog site Guido Fawkes said in 2009 –Look at the people who are at the heart of the Brown bunker – brutal, malevolent, mendacious unpleasant-to-the-core people like Tom Watson, Ian Austin, Nick Brown and Damian McBride.  They have no coherent positive strategy, they only have political poison to offer. It won’t work…


Image result for corbyn watson

Corbyn & Watson – disjointed double act







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