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The Brexit Election – Winners & Losers

The numbers are in Conservative: wins 365 seats (+ 47) Labour: 203 (-59) SNP: 48 (+13) Lib Dems: 11 (-1) DUP: 8 (-2) Sinn Féin: 7 (no change) SDLP: 2 (+2) Alliance Party: 1 (+1) Green Party 1 (no change) … Continue reading

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Corbyn’s Escape to Victory?

Sometimes even when you have consistently underperformed at your job, an opportunity to finally shine presents itself that is too-good-to-be-true. British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has that chance thanks to Prime Minister Theresa May calling a general election for … Continue reading

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Miliband – Man on the Run

Ed Miliband could be Prime Minister of the UK next year. Or that’s the narrative from his advisors. Given the unpopularity of the coalition government Miliband’s performance as Labour Party leader has been uninspiring. Media mumblings hint that Alan Johnson is … Continue reading

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