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Russia Influenced US Elections? Bad Karma for Washington

The Democratic Party’s election loss is not healing any within its camp. Now outgoing President Obama has ordered a review to see if/how Russia infiltrated (hacked) their way into influencing the recent US elections. If there is one country that knows … Continue reading

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US Elections: Winners & Losers

In a mainly 2 horse race it is hardly surprising that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Especially given the other unusual events that’s happened in 2016 such as BREXIT and the Chicago Cubs. To me here are some of the … Continue reading

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A Wacky Race to the White House

The current marathon race to the White House is a modern political showcase like no other in living memory. Who thought that Donald Trump would curtail the presidential hopes of so many establishment Republican figures? Who thought that Hillary Clinton’s … Continue reading

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Obama’s Positive Vibrations Blew Through Jamaica

President Obama breezed into Kingston, Jamaica last Wednesday/Thursday. Or as the Jamaica Gleaner put it “1313 minutes in Paradise“. The hype over Obama’s trip was understandably on a scale not seen in Jamaica in my lifetime. The Jamaican government pulled out … Continue reading

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Obama – 4 More Years

The events of the past week could define Barack Obama’s 2nd term as US President. Following his victory over the woeful Mitt Romney one would have thought the President would have had a honeymoon period of even 24 hours. But … Continue reading

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Obama vs Romney – The Final Cut

Mitt Romney endorsed much of  President Obama’s foreign policy and therefore handed victory in last night debate to the incumbent. It was the least aggressive of the three debates. The answers given by both men were at times repetitive and … Continue reading

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Obama vs Romney Part 2 – Mitt’s Act of Error

President Barack Obama won the 2nd presidential debate over Republican Mitt Romney held last night in Hempstead New York. It was a clear cut victory for the President whose performance was much more relaxed, assertive and aggressive than the first … Continue reading

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Obama vs Romney – The Trilogy Begins

After all the hype the first (of three) US Presidential debate between incumbent Barack Obama and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney concluded last night. The focus of the ninety minute debate was US domestic issues. Romney was the clear winner. … Continue reading

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