My Winners and Losers of 2021

My winners of 2021 include:

  1. Letitia James (New York Attorney General) –James took out the Cuomos and in NY politics that is high stakes. Delivered a scathing report on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of care homes during the pandemic. Her department’s report into sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo eventually forced his resignation. Further revelations from her office led to Chris Cuomo’s (Andrew’s brother) firing by CNN. The fact that James (Democrat) has not been lauded by much of the liberal New York media just shows how much push back she has faced – e.g. Not making Time magazine’s top 100 influential people of 2020. Even Donald Trump is rattled by her crusade to find dirt on his organisations. Just needs to watch her back from now on revenge will be in the air .
  2. Naftali Bennett (Prime Minister of Israel) – Bennett’s party won just 7 seats (out of 120) in the legislative elections and yet managed to position himself as kingmaker of an unlikeliest of coalition govts – 8  political parties incl. left & right wing parties plus an Arab party. Becoming PM and ending Bibi Netanyahu’s time in power. Now the most powerful politician in the Middle East – for now.
  3. Rachael Blackmore (Jockey, Ireland) – Top jockey at the Cheltenham Festival and riding the winner of the Grand National.
  4. Emmanuel Tuloe (Liberia) – The teen found $50k and returned it to the rightful owner. A decision that has been life changing
  5. Stephen Francis (Athletics coach, Jamaica) – Coaching the winners of the last 4 women’s 100m winners at the Olympic Games is no mean feat.
  6. Liz Cheney (US Republican Congresswoman) – Has publicly stood up to Donald Trump and his supporters in the party and conservative media over the January 6 insurrection events on Capitol Hill.
  7. Kyrsten Sinema & Joe Manchin (US Democrat Senators) – Joe Biden’s agenda can only go forward with their approval.
  8. Lyse Doucet (BBC) – Her reports “A Wish for Afghanistan” following the fallout over the Taliban capture of Afghanistan was quality journalism.
  9. Madison De Rozario (Athlete, Australia) – Won 2 track middle distances gold at the Paralympics. Also won the New York marathon.
  10. Frances Haugen (Facebook Whistleblower) – Many have tried and failed but Haugen’s disclosures of her time at Facebook forced the company into a retreat and a name change.
  11. Elaine Thompson (Track Athlete, Jamaica) – Repeated her sprint double at the Tokyo Olympics. Took female sprinting to levels not  seen since the late 1980s.
  12. Mia Mottley (Prime Minister of Barbados) – Transitioned Barbados into a republic.
  13. Juliet Holness (Jamaican MP and wife of PM) – Strong performance as a backbencher, committee member and Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament.
  14. Dr Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, (Chief Medical Officer, Jamaica) – At times the one person from the government that cut through the BS and mixed messaging to explain COVID-19 issues in a simplistic manner.
  15. Emmanuel Macron (President of France) – Positioned himself as the successor to Angela Merkel as the leader of Western Europe. Publicly took on Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and especially Australian PM Scott Morrison in ways not seen in recent years.
  16. Ajaz Patel (Cricketer, New Zealand) – 3rd bowler in the history of test cricket to take 10 wickets in an innings. First one to do so away from home – against India at Mumbai the place of his birth.
  17. Jovan Johnson (Journalist, The Gleaner) – A beacon in  Jamaica’s investigative journalism.
  18. Tsai Ing-wen  (President of Taiwan) Diplomatic wins with the US, EU and Australia becoming more vocal in their support of Taiwan’s growing autonomy despite louder threats from China.
  19. Questlove (Musician, Educator) – His podcast “Questlove Supreme” continues to be one of most relevant repository of post 1960s black culture with discussions with some of the key players  E.g. Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, Jimmy Jam, Tracee Ellis Ross, Raphael Saadiq and the late Robert “Kool” Bell.
  20. Journalists and technical support @ Amnesty International – Exposed the level of spyware (Pegasus Project) usage by customers of the Israeli company NSO across the globe.

Yet there were some screw-ups along the 2021 landscape incl.

  1. Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) – After 16 years in power she left the political scene to much fanfare. But in those 16 years her government managed the wiggle out of acknowledging properly Germany’s past atrocities in Namibia, despite the UN’s declaration that a genocide was committed. The recent deal by her government to offer a conditional-aid compensation package worth $1.3 billion over 30 years is just insulting.
  2. Boris Johnson (PM of UK) – Bumbling.
  3. Joe Biden (US President) – Afghanistan pullout, Kabul drone strike,  pursuing Julian Assange and Haitian migrants to begin with
  4. Kamala Harris (US Vice President) – Bordering on danquaylism.The recent departures of both her communications director and senior spokesperson just adds fuel to a chaotic performance. 2022 is make or break for her 2024 aspirations.
  5. Donald Trump (former US President) – Whined for 12 months.
  6. Ashraf Ghani (former Afghanistan President) – Sneaked out of his country as the Taliban entered Kabul without even informing his closest associates.
  7. John Kirby (US Defense spokesman) – On the botched US drone strike on Kabul he said “… We acknowledged that there were procedural breakdowns, processes were not executed the way that they should have been. But it doesn’t necessarily indicate that an individual or individuals have to be held to account for that.”
  8. Priti Patel (Home Secretary, UK) – Piss-Poor handling of the Windrush compensation scheme for starters. “What’s become clear is that she [the Home Secretary] is out for herself and only interested in how this plays out publicly. If we worked collaboratively then we could get things done but instead we just have cloud cuckoo land public statements.’ – current senior Home Office official.
  9. Uhuru Kenyatta (President of Kenya) & extended family – Pandora Papers revealed links to 13 offshore companies with assets worth $30m.
  10. Ben Domenech (Founder of the Federalist) – Conservative journalists in the US who does not hold back in slamming liberal related issues. Failed to publicly respond to Donald Trump who publicly described his wife – Meghan McCain – as “low life”.
  11. Fayval Williams (Jamaica’s Minister of Education) – Uninspiring leadership for a portfolio that is at crisis point.
  12. Susan Collins (former Leader of the Opposition, New Zealand) -Demoted  Simon Bridges (her predecessor) from a shadow cabinet post to the back benches. 24 hours later she was gone or as they say in NZ “rolled”.
  13. Xi Jinping (Chinese President) – Crackdown of Hong Kong against on free speech.
  14. US Cable News Host (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) – They and their echo chambers (aka contributors) are some of the best thespians you will find on tv. Emmy Award material.
  15. Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister) – The stiff restrictions for New Zealanders based overseas from returning home is just way over the top and costly.

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