Whatever happened to Jamaica’s Blitz to Remove Tints on Vehicles?

I just hope that the Jamaican authorities – as continue efforts to reduce violent and organised crime – revisit the whole tinting policy on vehicles.

Back in 2016 and 2017 there was a highly publicised campaign by the police especially through their then head of traffic, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, to reduce the thickness of the tinting on certain vehicles.

But in 2021 you just get that feeling that the enforcement of this tinted policy has waned.

Whenever a thickly tinted vehicle comes up close to you or parks outside your front gate you can understandably feel apprehensive. You can feel at risk in today’s very violent Jamaica especially with the growth in contract killings.

Such heavy tinting of vehicles gives criminals and their enablers the freedom to carry out their unlawful actions without fear of been recognised.

For one thing it does not make any sense for the authorities to be championing the national integrated CCTV programme known as the Jamaica Eye when these cameras cannot penetrate enough to capture clear images of the occupants of a tinted vehicle under investigation.

These hoodlums and their Illegally firearms do not travel much by foot and rely heavily on vehicles to pursue their devious acts. Tinted ones.

We also know that some thieves use these thickly tinted vehicles to conduct robberies especially of poultry and other farm products. Never forget recently of a goat being picked up off the streets by a teefing driver in a heavily tinted SUV.

Certain crooks are known to prefer the use of stolen tinted vehicles in order to carry out their acts of lawlessness. E.g. kidnapping seems to be more common in recent years.

Time for the authorities to take a zero-tolerance approach and simply stop all forms of tinting on vehicles for say 2-3 years as a crime reduction measure.

Scrap the tint.


Majority of PPV Operators Compliant with Tint Removal – Jamaica Information Service, March 2017 

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