Summer Olympic Games 2020 – A Late Late Review

It’s hard to believe the Olympics came and went and passed with flying colours thanks mainly to the participants, coaches and volunteers. Before I forget I best jot down some of my moments of the greatest sporting show on earth.

My Moments of the Olympics

Spain’s Ana Peletiero’s (below left) immediate response to her rival and good friend Yulima Rojas’ (right) world record in the women’s triple jump.

The diversity of some national teams. We saw black people representing nations such as  Argentina (women’s volleyball), Japan and Serbia (women’s basketball).

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s stunned face after losing to her compatriot and rival Elaine Thompson-Herah in the women’s 100m final. [What was equally memorable was the silence in some parts of Jamaica immediately after the race. People were in shock that “Shelly lost”. Must be the first time in living memory that a Jamaican wins gold and no pot covers were heard to celebrate the victory – outside of Banana Ground (the victor’s home town) I presume.

Gold medals from the unlikeliest nations such as Tunisia (Ahmed Hanfaoui -swimming), Egypt (Feryal Abdelaziz- Karate) and India (Neeraj Chopra- javelin).

The greater spread of medalists. Athletics medals were won by 43 nations, cycling – 24, canoeing 24, swimming 20 and rowing 18.

Both 400m hurdles finals world records was not surprising. But what was equally impressive in both race was the superb times achieved by many of the other finalists.

Both long jump finals with last round leaps snatching victory. Just loved the camaraderie amongst the athletes and their respective coaches who all joined in to create an atmosphere for each jump.

Russia may be banned so to speak. But many of their athletes took part under the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) banner – whatever that means. Backfired spectacular for the IOC as the Russian national anthem was replaced by a Tchaikovsky piano concerto which may go down as the best national anthem ever played at the Games.

Loved handball, table tennis and badminton. Handball is just an entertaining and underrated sport.

Not having fans did not dampen the atmospheric nature of the events. The only event where the lack of fans made the atmosphere eerie and odd was in football.

Olympics 2020 – Media Review

  • NBC’s coverage was abysmal. You cannot blame the commentators or presenters though as they would have been under instructions from their producers to deliver an act for this piece of crap television. NBC was shocking and so bias in covering certain races live. This was so apparent when NBC did not show one of the women’s 200m semi-finals (athletics) live persumably because there were no Americans in the race.
    • Thankfully the coverage on NBC’s sister channels on cable such as CNBC and USA were far better and allowed the sports to flow smoothly.
  • In Jamaica, TVJ’s coverage and discussion panel during the games was average and was saved by the input of Bruce James and Gillian Russell in the studios and Spencer Darlington over in Tokyo. Jamaican TV media is so small that awarding the media rights to just one TV company means some sports just cannot get shown. I just think Jamaica’s two main terrestrial station (CYM & TVJ) and main cable companies (Flow & SportsMax) should get together, share the rights and spread the sports coverage across their channels. There are people in Jamaica who are not fans of athletics!
  • Jamaica’s best coverage of the Olympics came as usual from radio with Nationwide Radio Network being the best led by the likes of Wayne Walker, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn (former Olympian and government minister) agent Cubie Seegobin and athletics coaches Michael Carr and Raymond “K.C.” Graham.
  • BBC’s Olympics website was first class. Kept content simple.
  • Michael Johnson again the stand out BBC analyst and showed what NBC has been missing with his succinct and blunt analysis.
  • Special mention on the excellent commentary delivered Jamaica’s Ricardo Chambers of SportsMax which also provided the feed to the Jamaican radio stations. Just brilliant. He doesn’t waste words and always well prepared. Deserves a global platform to showcase his media skills.
  • The photography was just incredible. Below are some of my favourites.

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