What I Learnt During the Pandemic Week ending – 1/5/2020

In Jamaica I learnt

  1. The daily double digit increase in the number of COVID-19 positives is very concerning.
  2. The government’s farmers market drive-thru initiative was an excellent move. Long may it develop across all parishes.
  3. The importance of small farmers to local communities has never been more telling than during this period. Glad to have given away our yellow-heart breadfruits to the community and folks who came from miles away.
  4. That going forward housing development projects must create enough land space for home owners to plant their own fruit & vegetables.
  5. Drive-thru church services.
  6. Some communities have put check-points in place to ensure folks entering their area are sanitised and wearing face masks.
  7. Jamaicans -through the media – are aware of the names of some compatriots who have died of COVID-19 overseas. But in Jamaica the names of those who have died (9) locally of COVID-19 (with one exception) have not been revealed for fear of discriminatory/ignorant behaviour against their families. A sad sign of how immature some elements of the society is still today.
  8. Well known PNP activist – Clyde Williams – has walked away from the party. Dr Winston De La Haye suddenly quit his political role within the party after disclosing he had received a death threat. Deleted his twitter account too.
  9. The passing in Ethiopia of influential Jamaican photographer and publisher Johnny Golding in his early 80s. Johnny was well known in the 1960s/70s for publishing Swing Magazine which was regarded as a leader in reggae and Rastafarian writing. Johnny helped launch or influence the likes of Bob Clarke, Mutaburaka, Keith Hudson, Clancy Eccles, Bob Marley, Lee Perry and so many more. According to Jerry Small – historian and friend of Johnny – Golding was key to the reforming of The Skatalites in the late 1970s and helped organise a number of seminal concerts in Jamaica including the Smile Jamaica and Peace shows.


Globally I learnt

  1. Those of us who worked in secluded small offices with doors, windows, thick walls etc saw such workplaces ripped up in the 1990s and replaced by open-floor offices and hot-desking. The pandemic may have ended these modern concepts of office working.
  2. Vietnam has recorded over 270 COVID-19 positive tests but no deaths.
  3. In the UK, families of medical staff who died of coronavirus are to receive £60,000 in compensation. Just shows how poorly paid medical professionals are in the first place.
  4. Senior UN human rights figures called on the United States to lift its economic and financial embargo on Cuba.
  5. Customs in Finland carried out controls of oranges imported from Israel due to the presence of a pesticide that is prohibited in the EU. Rejected 104 000 kg of oranges.
  6. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley shows she is head and shoulders above any other political leader in the Western Hemisphere today.
  7. The passing of Nigeria’s Tony Allen at age 79. Just a truly amazing, terrific drummer and funny guy.
In Session For Jamie Cullum...Tony Allen

Gentleman Tony


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1 Response to What I Learnt During the Pandemic Week ending – 1/5/2020

  1. Hope Carruthers says:

    GG Excellent Here is one important think I learnt plus I believe another African country with name beginning with S also have some cure according to them from herbs.. The article below is not the original that I saw but it it is close https://africa.com/madagascar-launches-africas-first-herbal-remedy-cure-from-covid-19/


    Hope Carruthers “If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” Toni Morrison


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