What I Learnt During the COVID-19 Pandemic week-ending 24/4/20

In Jamaica I learnt

  1. Number of COVID-19 positives has surged in the week with the epicentre still being St Catherine. Central/Local Government in St Catherine still doing a poor job in not sanitising roads leading to public health centres where tests are conducted.
  2. Government press briefings on COVID-19 are way too long on recycled speeches, too many speakers and small on actual information. Leads to confused messaging. Briefings needs to get to the point and then take more questions from the media.
  3. Government tends to release the daily COVID-19 updates very late in the day. Sometimes as late at 8pm which highly unusual in compared to most other nations.
  4. Parishes are getting sensitive and protective on who enters their vicinity. St Catherinites are currently persona non grata in other parishes
  5. How much the average Jamaican relies on remittance to survive during the crisis. The long lines at Cambios across the island this week was very telling..
  6. Call centre staff are not allowed to join trade unions. Not a good look given the 2 main political parties that’s run Jamaica since independence came out of the trade union movement.
  7. Sadly, farmers have had to dump much of their crops due to lack of sales. One farmer said he destroyed 4000 pounds of lettuce. (sigh) Poultry farmers are also feeling similar pressures.
  8. Teneth/Tethen Howell, wife of Leonard Howell (co-founder of the Rastafarian movement) and educator Enid Golding (mother of former Prime Minister Bruce Golding) were sisters.

Globally I learnt

  1. In Finland some educators are keen to keep remote distance permanent for at least  2 days per week.
  2. According to the British Medical Association, of the 100+ health & social care workers who have died of CVID-19, 75% are from the ethnic minority community
  3. In New Zealand some nurses have raised concerns over the conflicting COVID-19 approaches even within a single hospital which they feel is putting health workers’ safety at risk.
  4. Trump administration is using ventilators as a bargaining chip for Latin American and Caribbean countries to accept deportations from the US.
  5. UK is planning to give more public bodies -incl. pensions regulators- access to personal phone and computer data.
  6. In the UK the Home Office won an appeal over its right to rent scheme, which was last year ruled by the high court to be racially discriminatory.
  7. France joins Poland and Denmark in not bailing out companies registered offshore. Let’s see if they carry out this noble promise.
  8. Up to 30 companies have bid for crude oil contracts in Guyana.
  9. Deaths in care homes still not being counted in the COVID-19 figures by many countries.
  10. What’s scary about Trump’s disinfectant infused remarks is the silence of any criticism from his supporters in the media. Toxic loyalty.
  11. Matt Hancock -UK’s Health Secretary – used to work for former Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. Osborne is editor of the Evening Standard and godfather to one of Hancock’s children. May explain the favourable reporting Hancock and by extension the Tory govt is receiving in the Standard.

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  1. Hope Carruthers says:

    GGComprehensive list.. thanks Regards Hope “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Corrie ten Boon

    Please consider the environment before printing this email

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