What I Learnt During the COVID-19 Pandemic week-ending 17/4/20

In Jamaica I learnt

  • Number of COVID-19 positives has risen sharply this week to 163 as at 17th April. With the main cluster being a call centre in Portmore, St Catherine. Thus St Catherine is in quarantine as of 15 April for 7 days at 2 hours notice.
  •  PM Andrew Holness and his key advisers showed a lack of sound judgement in giving the residents of St Catherine just 2 hours notice of the parish lock down.
    • His announcement caused the predicted chaos, extended shop closures & unnecessary long lines.
    • The proposed shopping schedule of 4-5 hours per week (over 2 days) is unworkable given the pressures on the parish’s inadequate infrastructure to handle so many shoppers in such a limited time. Many St Catherine residents (e.g Portmore/Old Harbour) normally work outside the parish and would usually conduct their shopping closer to their workplace.
    • Holness could have gone for Friday/Saturday 12 hour shopping schedule each day to reduce crowd density and leave out the shopping-by-surname-trumpery.
  • The low-COVID-19 testing policy of the government continues to go against how other nations have reacted to the pandemic. As at Friday Jamaica had done 1516 tests & Barbados (a tenth of Jamaica’s population) had conducted 965 tests.
  • Holness caved into media pressure over his plans to restrict their movement in St Catherine during the quarantine.
  • Jamaica needs more brave whistle blowers in the work place across both the public and private sector. It also needs a willing/non-compromising media to investigate such concerns.
  • Speaker Pearnel Charles Snr’s handling of this week’s parliamentary debate on COVID-19 was embarrassingly one-sided as usual. His deputy Franklin Witter did a fairer job when covering Charles’ occasional absence during the long sitting.
  • PNP should appoint an acting Leader of the Opposition at this critical time. The party really should not be parading the recovering Peter Phillips returning to “work” when clearly he should be at home resting. PNP needs to decide who is shadowing Holness as each week the PM catches the front bench napping because of this serious lapse in leadership.
  • The lack of any govt updates or media reports on social care homes continues.
  • There are still people in Jamaica who assume health minister Dr Christopher Tufton is an actual medical doctor.

Globally I learnt

  1. Iceland has carried out over 39,500 COVID-19 test which is roughly 11% of the population – 1720 positives and 8 deaths.
  2. Osaka has requested unused raincoats as some medical workers were short of anti-virus gear. Some institutions in this major Japanese city are having to wear trash bags when treating patients.
  3. UK close to running out of hospital gowns. Govt told hospitals to reuse single use gowns where possible. Some New York nurses have raised similar concerns.
  4. Deaths in care homes make up a quarter of all COVID-19 deaths in Scotland.
  5. Taiwan reported for the third day this week that there were no new cases of coronavirus. So too Barbados.
  6. Canada – Ontario is planning to ‘redeploy every resource’ including public heath nurses to long-term care homes as the pressure has taken its toll on staff and patients there.
  7. Taiwan to donate 1.3 million additional surgical masks to Europe. Taiwan (after China) is the 2nd largest manufacturer of surgical masks.
  8. Denmark will expand its plans to gradually open the country. Daycare institutions, kindergartens and schools (0-5th grades) have reopened. Health services would begin receiving patients for non-critical treatment.
  9. Ireland – Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald tests positive for COVID-19
  10. Virgin Australia (VA) goes into trading halt as it ponders financial options to stay afloat. More than 90% of VA is owned by five shareholders. Four of them are foreign govt-controlled companies incl. Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways. 1/5 owned by Richard Branson
  11. New Zealand moving to reopen the country. Early childhood centres and schools will be available up to Year 10. Attendance voluntary. But some educators have raised concerns over such a move. Tehran (Iran) & parts of Italy are also opening some areas of the economy.
  12. As at the 15th April, Germany had conducted roughly 1.7 million COVID-19 test (UK tested 399,000). Berlin’s main hospital had quickly tracked the coronavirus news from China and had developed a test for the virus by mid January.
  13. Botswana planning to deport 500 Zimbabweans amid tighter COVID-19 measures.

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1 Response to What I Learnt During the COVID-19 Pandemic week-ending 17/4/20

  1. Hope Carruthers says:

    GGExtensive list impressive .. a few I didn’t know. I haven’t been watching news a lot.. it is too irritating like what donald propose yesterday for pps to tek  detergent vaccinations!!  and the GOP silent. Imagined if O had said that?? One item that I heard that the WH ordered masks for its staff from early March long before they suggested the general public should consider wearing.. I saw something that you was quite pleasing to me, you commented that you were watching tele with ya sista, when andru attended the senate meeting or some meeting really late. Good stuff . It seams that your relationship is moving in the right direction. Hope mi nah read too much into it.. Regards Hope “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Corrie ten Boon

    Please consider the environment before printing this email

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