Sheikh Mohammed the Child Snatching Billionaire?

In light of the recent statement by the English courts that the ruler of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum “orchestrated the abduction of two of his daughters – one from the streets of Cambridge, ” it will be interesting to see how the UK government and wider society respond to these serious set of accusations.

According to a report in the  Guardian…..”The sheikh’s actions emerged after his sixth and youngest wife, Princess Haya, 45, fled to London last April with their two young children. His attempt to return the children to Dubai triggered a legal action in the family courts.”

“The judgment goes into detail about the campaign of harassment endured by Haya. The judge accepted virtually all her allegations as true on the balance of probabilities, including that the sheikh:

  • Attempted to have her abducted by helicopter.
  • Arranged for guns to be left in her bedroom.
  • Taunted her over her adulterous relationship with a bodyguard.
  • Divorced her without telling her.
  • Threatened to seize their children.
  • Published threatening poems about her online.

[During June/July 2019 Sheikh Mohammed is said to have launched a media blitz against Haya where – according to the courts – over a thousand negative articles were published against her. In some articles Haya was described a fan of Hamas and “intending to over throw the State of Jordan“.]

“The ruling found that the police officer investigating the abduction of (the Sheikh’s daughter) Princess Shamsa from Cambridge in 2000, when she was 19, was prevented from travelling to Dubai to pursue his criminal inquiries.

DCI David Beck of Cambridgeshire police was denied permission to fly out to the Gulf to interview “potential witnesses” after making a formal request to the Crown Prosecution Service, the ruling found. The Foreign Office refused to hand over its files on the case to the court.”

“The judgment raises questions about whether the Foreign Office blocked the police investigation into the disappearance of Shamsa, after she had fled to Cambridge from Surrey in 2000. Judge McFarlane said he was unable to make a determination because the Foreign Office refused to cooperate on freedom of information grounds”

“His behaviour was described by the judge, Sir Andrew McFarlane, on the balance of probabilities as amounting to potentially breaking English and international law.”

The Global Purchasing Power of the Sheikh and his Extended Inner Circle

Sheikh Mohammed is a major investor in key industries across the globe. He is also the vice-president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Sheikh Mohammed’s popularity in the West rose significantly during the 1980s when he began to invest heavily into English horse racing owning some of the top racehorses in the globe.

Since then, Sheikh Mohammed has invested billions into the racing industry across Europe, North America, Australia and Dubai. He has been credited for the transformation of Dubai into a modern city.

Image result for newmarket sheikh mohammed

Princess Haya & Sheikh Mohammed at Royal Ascot

Sheikh Mohammed through his Emirates brand is also a major sponsor in England of the FA Cup and Arsenal Football Club. The UAE government owns much of Manchester City Football Club.

Long Time Coming?

These are very serious charges assessed by Judge McFarlane against Sheikh Mohammed and his enablers.

Some of us have watched with concern at how UAE (Dubai/Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia and Qatar have used their bottomless wealth to impose their financial muscle on the UK without any measured pushback from Labour & Conservative governments. Their wealth has bought influence and boosted the image of these countries. Such influence has deflected some of the bad practices these absolute monarchy states have been known to part take in, including the funding of terrorism.

But the UK government has to come clean on why since 2000 they have not been willing to support the police and courts in this serious investigation. The fact that UK governments have been unhelpful to Judge MacFarlane and the police shows a level of hypocrisy that is becoming the norm by British political and business leaders to protect their interests and wealthy friends in the Middle East.

Tony Blair & Cherie Blair

The fact that Tony Blair’s government prevented Cambridge police from investigating the abductions further comes as no surprise. In 2006 Blair had also stopped the Serious Fraud Office from investigating allegations of bribery between the Saudi Arabian government and arms manufacturer BAE systems.

Here we have a case of violence and intimidation against women and children. Yet the UK governments – who love to champion their crusade against such aggression – turned a blind eye. Given Tony Blair’s government complicity in stopping the investigation how does his wife Cherie Blair sleep at night if she knew? If Cherie was not aware of  her husband’s noncooperation with the police at the time, how does she feel know?

Cherie Blair has built much of her later career as a global campaigner for women’s rights and her charity (Cherie Blair Foundation for Women) is rumoured to be at the forefront of this crusade.


The multi-million dollar European flat horse racing season will soon kick into high gear and Sheikh Mohammed’s 3 year old colt Pinatubo is favoured to win many of the top  races in England, Ireland and France. It will be interesting to see how the racing fraternity reacts to the Sheikh over the coming season.

  • Can the English Football Association still keep Emirates as their main sponsor for the FA Cup?
  • Will the owners of Arsenal drop the Emirates name from the stadium?
  • Queen Elizabeth and Sheikh Mohammed are close friends and have a mutual interest in horse racing. Will the Queen welcome the Sheikh & his usual entourage into the royal box at Royal Ascot in June?
  • Will leading women’s groups and individuals such as Cherie Blair publicly condemn Sheikh Mohammed’s actions?
  • Will UK MPs demand answers from the government in parliament?
  • Will DCI David Beck and his team be allowed to speak to the media or parliament about the obstacles they faced during the early stages of the investigation back in 2000?

Dubai/UAE’s influence in the global media market is vast, so expect little to no criticism on Sheikh Mohammed’s behaviour across the usual platforms.

It again reminds us that when it comes to violence and intimidation against women and childen, any outrage from the political and media class is measured by the net worth and influence of the alleged perpetrators.

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Daddy Issues




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