UK General Election: A Case for Corbyn, Please, No More Boris

Case Closed on Boris and the Conservative Party

The Conservative Party has had ten years of power and it is time for the UK electorate to trust something else.

The Conservative governments of this decade have been insensitive, hateful, reckless, deceitful and smug. The austerity measures they enabled has created the kind of poverty not seen for generations and it is time the UK elects a government that will bring some justice to those who were mistreated by the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to lead the UK. From his early days as a journalist he never has been one for honesty. The UK can ill afford to allow someone with Boris’ iffy track record in Downing Street for the next 4-5 years

What has protected Boris from deeper scrutiny and harsher criticism is his long standing connections across the media landscape who have created a solid firewall since he became Mayor of London in 2008.

Boris Johnson has put together a dangerous right wing cabinet. Any cabinet that has the likes of Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Zac Goldsmith, Esther McVey and Priti Patel should be of concern to the public.

How can anyone vote for Boris after – as Mayor of London – after he sold off London’s Olympic Village (5000 homes) to the Qatari royal family?

UK tax payers money had built those homes they were earmarked for affordable homes for Londoners until Boris and his mob got their oleaginous hands on them.

Never been has someone held 3 of the great positions in UK public life (Mayor of London, Foreign Secretary and PM) and not prove themselves effective at any of them. I dare anymore to name one decent achievement for Boris at the Foreign Office.

[“(Mayor) Boris  was a poor manager, administrator and politician, apart from the campaigning, which he’s brilliant at, and the same thing is happening at the Foreign Office. What you hear from officials there is that there’s no direction, there are no ideas, it’s all chaos and he doesn’t care, but nor does he seem competent to do anything about it.” – Sonia Purnell, 2012]

Johnson is living proof that there are some people who do not need to work hard to achieve important positions in British public life.

In the short time Boris has been PM he broke the law and even lied to the Queen when he suspended parliament for his own selfish plans. Yet still he was allowed to remain PM.

The idea of a shyster duo Boris Johnson and Donald Trump committing UK troops/resources to wars to suit their financial benefactors – such as a the Saudi royal family –  is too much for me to contemplate.

Let’s Get Boris Gone by Friday morning.

Conservative Manifesto

The Conservative manifesto is well crafted and yet it is thing on detail. But you can smell the stench of further cuts and outsourcing coming if Boris wins on Thursday.

Some of the pledges in the manifesto include.

  1. “NHS is not for sale.” (Brand NHS may not be for sale but areas of the health and social care sector have been contracted out private companies and charities throughout this decade.)
  2. “That is why qualified doctors, nurses and allied health professionals with a job offer from the NHS, who have been trained to a recognised standard and who have good working English, will be offered fast-track entry, reduced visa fees and dedicated support to come to the UK with their families.”
  3. Deliver more school places for children with complex Special Educational Needs.
  4. Introduce tougher sentencing for the worst offenders and end automatic halfway release from prison for serious crimes.
  5. “Use our new freedoms after Brexit to prevent more foreign national offenders entering our country. We will cut the number of foreign nationals in our prisons,”
  6. “Introduce a firmer and fairer Australian-style points-based immigration system” (every govt since the 1990s has promised this. Just would not work),
  7. “Attract the best and brightest from all over the world.”
  8. “There will be fewer lower-skilled migrants and overall numbers will come down. And we will ensure that the British people are always in control” (Govts always say this and then realise the British won’t perform certain jobs. How often has anyone seen an English born person cleaning office buildings or are security guards in city centre stores?)
  9. “We will maintain our support for a memorial recognising the contribution of the Windrush Generation in a prominent site in London. (Stuff the gesture and compensate the Windrush victims. Hubert Howard sadly died last month and had not received his compensation)
  10. “Double the maximum prison term to 14 years for individuals convicted of the most egregious examples of tax fraud.” (Again, what about those in the banking sector?).
  11. “To support free speech, we will repeal section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2014, which seeks to coerce the press. We will not proceed with the second stage of the Leveson Inquiry.” (Another reason why the phone hacking media is backing Boris)

I am still baffled by the number of Labour supporters willing to back Boris Johnson  because of one topic (BREXIT) despite disagreeing with the Conservatives on everything else.

Corbyn 4 Decades On

In 2015, if I was given 600 guesses on which MP could one day be prime minister I would never have mentioned Jeremy Corbyn.

Not because Corbyn is not PM material. But in the 30+ years I have known and observed Corbyn’s political career he never once hinted at such lofty positions. He always concentrated his endeavours on social justice.

Corbyn as leader in the past 24 months has evolved. I have been one of Corbyn’s harshest critics over the way he remained placid despite the personal attacks on him by fellow Labour colleagues. But Jeremy has done it in his unusual calm way.

Since becoming leader Corbyn has faced mass resignations from his shadow cabinet from the Blairite and Brownite wings. Many felt such concerted moves would force Corbyn into resigning as well. But Jeremy held his ground and used these departures to promote some of the newer intakes of Labour MPs to the shadow front bench.

Some of these fresher shadow members have shown great potential including the likes of as Laura Pidcock and Rebecca Long Bailey. Seasoned MPs such as John Healy and Barry Gardiner have come out from the backbench wilderness and found their voice.

Unlike some of his predecessors Corbyn has shown a propensity to listen and act accordingly. Take BREXIT for example. Everybody knows Corbyn has been anti-EU long before anyone heard of Nigel Farage. Corbyn accepted the results but he has listened and appreciated that a better exit deal could be achieved with the EU which would have long term benefits for future generations.

Corbyn has also attracted more young people to politics and that is significant for the Labour Party going forward.

Jeremy has held his own in the debates and in final head to head with Boris last Friday put in his best performance. Corbyn didn’t get to where he is by being some tv act like his main rival  but he stucked to the issues important to Labour.

Jeremy has fronted up during the campaign and not hid as Boris has done constantly.

Labour’s Manifesto

The Labour manifesto was a surprise. Labour’s pledges are big, bold, humane, and generational. The centrepiece of Labour’s pledges rest around tackling issues on  climate change, environment, social care, crime, poverty, council housing, homelessness, education and health.

Some of the less headline grabbing pledges include:

  1. Maternity leave extended to 12 months and paternity leave to 4 weeks.
  2. “4 new bank holidays to mark the 4 patron saints”
  3. Remove unnecessary restriction on industrial action. (hmmm)
  4. Compensate Windrush victims swiftly.
  5. “Scrap the 2014 Immigration Act 2014” (Immigration and Customs needs its own Cabinet Minister/Dept away from the Home Office)
  6. “Abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected Senate of the Nation and the Regions” (BREXIT Party would also abolish the House of Lords)
  7. Ban political donation from tax avoiders and tax evaders
  8. Extend Freedom of Information to cover private providers of public services. (Definitely needed to for those private social care providers and detention centres)
  9. Allow the people of the Chagos Islands and their descendants to return to their home. (Now that will cause a rift with the current US military occupiers)
  10. Suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia (for use in Yemen) and Israel (used in violation of human rights of Palestinian civilians)
  11. Abolish prescription charges in England (Already scrapped in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  12. Commit an extra £1.5bn to ensure new standards for mental health are enshrined in the NHS.

Labour’s plan to renationalise certain sectors may prove challenging, as the fine prints in existing contracts could make such intentions too expensive to fulfill.

But a Labour government must bring back water into public ownership.

Gordon Brown, where have you been?

Former Labour PM, Gordon Brown called Corbyn ” a phenomenon” during an interview with the BBC’s anti-Jeremy-click-bait correspondent – Laura Kuenssberg* – where he agrees with Corbyn on social justice.

If only Gordon have intervened earlier then maybe Jeremy would not have faced the constant attacks from the Brownite wing of the Labour Party.

Smears on Steroids

With the polls said to be tightening the smear machine against Corbyn is in full flow with the much disgraced Tony Blair and former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove leading to attacks. What has been unacceptable is the enablers at BBC who are amplifying such smears and clearly showing their own bias. Even the BBC World Service has joined in the smear campaign.

One of the key reasons for this all out attack by former Labour figures such as Blair is to prevent a Corbyn government from accessing sensitive information regarding some of the more shameful actions of recent UK governments.

It is likely that a Corbyn government would be more obliging in responding  to Freedom of Information requests on issues such as

  • Contract agreements with outsourced companies when tax subsidies were given,
  • Saudi bribery allegations,
  • Rendition and torture of Libyans led by the CIA with UK support,
  • Background to the detention of Julian Assange,
  • Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan (Washington Post today released government documents which revealed the Bush, Obama and Trump govts consistently lied to the public about their progress in Afghanistan. No doubt the UK govt officials such as Blair went along with this false and costly narrative – Afghanistan papers)

Morning of Friday December 13th – Nightmare or Euphoria?

I just hope Corbyn can convince enough voters to form at least a coalition government.

A good way to start the decade is for Boris Johnson to ride off into the West London early sunset and back to reading teleprompters at Have I Got News for You.

Let’s get Boris gone.

Further reading:

*Today, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg just couldn’t help herself once again in pushing more anti Labour digs:



later on ….



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