Proof Again that Dayton Campbell is Wasted on the Back Benches

An excellent speech in Jamaica’s parliament this week by the People National Party’s (PNP) Dayton Campbell. It was succinct, engaging, and ebullient.

You could tell from the body language of some Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) members – across the aisle – that they too were impressed. Plus those said JLP MPs must feel appreciative to PNP leader Peter Phillips for his decision to remove Campbell as shadow spokesman for health.

In the recent concluded PNP leadership race between incumbent (& eventual winner) Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting, Campbell was the campaign manager for the challenger.

Campbell as the shadow health spokesman was – by a Runaway Bay mile – the most effective performer on the opposition benches. But in the ensuing reshuffle that followed the leadership race Campbell was booted to the backbenches by Phillips.

Campbell is widely respected in media circles for the articulate and candid manner he presents politics. So the decision by Phillips to remove him was clearly made out made out of spite rather than logic. Given the ongoing crisis within the health sector (e.g. dengue) Campbell’s absence from the ongoing debate has been telling.

Dr Phillips clearly dropped the ball in sidelining Dr Campbell.

Campbell’s Speech

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