National Heroes Day – A Salute to Marie Holt

Today in Jamaica is National Heroes Day where the nation recognizes those individuals who contributed to the development of the island.

Over the years, I would get asked, who was the number 1 inspiring person that I knew personally, beyond family. Who was my local heroic figure growing up in Old Harbour, Jamaica?

My number one answer was always Marie Holt.

I knew Marie from my childhood days in Old Harbour as she lived with her Aunt Clar and Mr Pryce. The Pryce family home was like a youth centre to many of us back in the late 1970s early 1980s.

I used to look at Marie in amazement at her strong work ethic, her energy and at how she got things done professionally. Her independence and leadership was clear for us to see. Never one to suffer fools, Marie’s attitude exuded confidence and brought admiration from across the Old Harbour community.

Despite her tiny stature, Marie was just someone you could never forget. She simply held your attention. Her talents extraordinary.

A truly remarkable Jamaican, Marie left us last month, aged 67.

Thankfully, Marie’s story was shared to the wider Jamaica through media reports over the years. Such as the following articles:

  1. “She is a marvel” – 1992
  2. “I used to put the scissors between my toes and cut the material to make like a shirt or skirt, or anything I wanted,” – 2015

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