Windrush Day – Poor Timing?

The British government announced that 22 June will be declared Windrush Day. In their press release they stated..

[“A national Windrush Day will take place on 22 June every year to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.”

“The event will be overseen by a body of British Caribbean representatives and a Windrush Day grant of up to £500,000 will be available each year to charities and communities seeking to hold commemorative and educational events.”

“events, including the following:

  • National Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey
  • AGE UK Windrush 70 tea party hosted by Lambeth Council
  • Phoenix Dance Company performance of Windrush: Movement of the People at Lambeth Town Hall
  • Commemorative ‘platinum’ pin badges designed by Brixton-based design group Champion Agency to be distributed at key Windrush 70 events throughout the country”

Some leaders in the black community has welcomed the government’s plan

“Windrush Foundation Director Arthur Torrington said………..The announcement of a national Windrush Day is a moment of great satisfaction. It will cement in the national consciousness the important contribution of those who travelled from the Caribbean to Britain 70 years ago to build a better life and participate in making Britain a stronger nation.”]

I cannot see any point for this Windrush Day whatsoever. The speed by some in the black community to welcome this announcement is just baffling. Given the current Windrush scandal – exacerbated by PM Theresa May’s decisions – is so far from being resolved anytime soon.

Why now?

Accepting such a token gesture by the government is a scandal in itself. The Afro-Caribbean community should be demanding answers and resolutions to the Windrush scandal, ensure the victims are compensated fairly and find out what the government intends to do to repair the long term damage caused to the many victims.

With all these burning issues still unresolved it is rather bemusing for this patronising suggestion to come up at such an inappropriate time. Again, I am baffled how some have been so receptive to the Windrush Day idea. Some Labour Party MPs have rightly questioned this decision and its timing.


  • Exactly how many of these Windrush linked British residents were detained?
  • How many were deported?
  • How many (if any) ended up in mental institutions?
  • How many passed away?
  • Did any suffer major illnesses while in detention or following their deportation?
  • How many lost their jobs and homes?
  • Has compensation terms been finalised?

The public is still yet to know the official findings on the death of Jamaican Carlington Spencer while at an Immigration Detention Centre in October 2017.

This Windrush debacle is the biggest scandal to affect the Afro-Caribbean community in my lifetime.

  • Do we really need the launch of a Windrush Day when victims of the scandal are still suffering?
  • How can we accept this Windrush Day concept from the same people who made the lives of many Windrush residents a 21st century nightmare? 

If you have been following the responses by Ministers and officials at the Home Affairs Select Committee hearings you will know how callous, unprofessional, evasive and careless the department over its handling of this scandal.

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