NFL vs Trump: False Start

On 24 and 25 September 2017, NFL players, management and owners protested seemingly in response to Trump’s “son of a bitch” comments; made days earlier about players who protest during the playing of the US national anthem.

I found the whole protests against Trump’s “divisive” comments very bizarre and confusing.

  • Were the NFL teams protesting in solidarity for quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s fight for social justice, which led to him being barred from playing? Hardly 
  • Were they protesting about free speech and the right to protest? 
  • Were players standing up to Trump in a cowardly fashion knowing management had their backs?
  • Or did Trump just piss off the NFL owners so much that they had no option but to do something in response?

Suddenly some on the left and Democrats are supporting the stance taken last weekend by the teams. Some Democratic politicians such as Sheila Jackson Lee were seen taking the knee in Congress in support of the NFL teams.

This is political opportunism of the worse form. Where were they last year when Kaepernick made his protest – during Obama’s administration?

Now the Republicans are using the anthem row as a route to raise campaign funds.

There were some current and former players protesting last weekend who for months have publicly slammed Kaepernick’s protest actions. Chief among them Ray Lewis.

The irony is that Kaepernick did state that for this NFL season he would not sit or take the knee during the playing of the US national anthem. His stance and message was clear and simple. Kap’s moved on.

Since Trump hit Pennsylvania Avenue some Americans are getting into a tizzy over free speech and the right to protest.

The left is applying threats and violence to shut down controversial Conservatives from speaking at colleges and the right are up in arms over protest stances during the playing of national anthem.

You have to hand it to Donald J Trump.

In a week when the GOP Obamacare Repeal 3.911 got buried once again by his arch enemy Senator John McCain, Trump manage to deflect attention with this NFL anthem angle. The NFL and mainstream media (for the umpteenth time) fell for his deflecting stunt.

Instead the media should have hammered Trump’s initial reaction to the 2 hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico.

Trump has every right to the use the flag & national anthem to talk up the US military. But remember in 2015, what Trump said about McCain?

He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

To which Republican Senator Lindsey Graham then responded:

“If there was ever any doubt that @realDonaldTrump should not be our commander in chief, this stupid statement should end all doubt.” “At the heart of @realDonaldTrump statement is a lack of respect for those who have served – a disqualifying characteristic to be president.”

If the NFL teams really wanted to stick it right up Trump’s jacksie, they could have carried out one simple act. Sign Colin Kaepernick.


Trump threw a fake pass….

Denver Broncos versus the Buffalo Bills

… & the NFL teams fell for it

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