US Elections: Winners & Losers

In a mainly 2 horse race it is hardly surprising that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Especially given the other unusual events that’s happened in 2016 such as BREXIT and the Chicago Cubs.

To me here are some of the winners and losers from this US election marathon.


Kelly Anne Conway

Took over in the final months as Trump’s campaign manager and reined in his crazy utterances – mostly. She even took on The View and held her own.

Donald Trump

Blew up the rule book on effective communications on political campaigning. Mastered twitter to make his own headlines. Is this the start of a Trump dynasty in the White House?


Gave an insight into the real Democratic Party campaign machine and Obama’s inner circle. Made unpleasant reading for some Bernie supporters.

Fox New

Coverage was the most balanced (can’t believe I am saying this) of all the major news outlets – except Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling. Ironically back in the spring Andrea Tantaros was sidelined by her employers at Fox because of her staunch support for Trump.

John Bolton

I fear Bolton more than I do of Trump. If he becomes a top foreign affairs adviser to Trump then be very afraid. The UN and EU could be in for some challenging times.


The idea of a 2 state solution with the Palestinians looks dead.

Mike Pence

If Trump bungles his presidency then vice president-elect Pence could be commander-in-chief. Conservatives in the US & UK are never scared to unceremoniously dump their own leaders.

US Comedians on TV

They all hate Trump but their TV shows are likely to receive a spike in audience figures which must lead to bumper salaries. Will Jon Stewart come out of retirement?

Neera Tanden

A Hillary insider whose frankness in her emails was spot on over the private server, David “batshit” Brock etc. The kind of straight talking email friend we all need!

The DNC needs to listen her blunt analysis and views going forward.

Michelle Obama

The class act of the DNC campaign.


Hillary Clinton

Hampered over trust and judgement issues especially relating to the private server & Clinton Foundation.

Hillary should have chosen Bernie as the VP given how he defeated her in 22 states during the primaries. Some of those same states that she then lost out to Trump.

DNC -Democratic National Committee

The leadership of DNC under Debbie Wassermann-Schultz and Donna Brazile was unprofessional and too devious at times. Both did their best to support Hillary during the primaries and block the chances of any other strong Democratic candidates.

Some Democrats wished they had the Republican chair Reince Priebus (another big winner) in charge of their party.

CNN, BBC, ABC, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CNBC

The media’s anti Trump stance in the final months backfired big time. Given that they enhanced his reputation for the past 2 decades.

NBC kept him on The Apprentice long after the birther slander against Obama. CBS chairman Les Moonves remarked in February on Trump’s campaign. “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,”

Oops!!! – by September it was too late for the mainstream media to stop the Trump machine.

Big fan of Rachel Maddow but some of her programmes against the Republicans were just as outlandish as Hannity’s take on Democrats.

CNN lost all credibility with their coverage.

Media folks such as Donna Brazile, Roland Martin and John Harwood were caught out using their privilege positions to covertly push Hillary’s agenda.

Barack Obama

Trump as Obama’s successor must feel like the ultimate humiliation of his presidency.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

Both must look in the mirror and say ‘Donald Trump is President, I could have beaten him but those bloody Hillaristas….?’

Was Joe got at by his own party in order not to challenge Hillary?

Elizabeth Warren

Despite having similar views to Bernie her failure to back him in the primaries upset the DNC left. Warren’s eventual support for Hillary following her nomination sounded so fake, given her years of disdain for Mrs Clinton.

Other News Items 

With the non stop coverage of the election campaign other important news items were simply ignored or reduced to brief bulletins. Look how quickly the news on Haiti’s hurricane disaster vanished from our screens.

The UK’s Channel 4 News (1 hour) last Wednesday gave 55 minutes to the US elections. They barely made time to mention that – also on Wednesday – 7 passengers died in Croydon, London following a tram derailment.

Gary Johnson

” Aleppo ? What is Aleppo?”






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