Brexit shows EU the Door: Winners & Losers

You knew it could……but never imagined that it would really happen.

Still stunned that we voted to leave the EU. Gutted. Have we let future British generations down?

In its immediate aftermath here are some of the winners and losers from this unbelievable outcome.


David Cameron: Dreadful campaign. Big of him to resign and go by October. But Cameron needs to go now as caretaker govts do not work in the UK. Public servants will be doodling for 3 months.

Jeremy Corbyn: Its just not working for Jeremy. His rip van winkle rope-a-dope style of leadership is not inspiring the undecided or his own party supporters.  He couldn’t even carry Labour strongholds such as Stoke, Wales & the north east of England into voting remain. Either Corbyn is a poor leader or he is consistently taking bad advice from his inner circle.

Tony Blair: After his blunder over Iraq, Blair’s decision on EU expansion just added to his legacy as the most toxic PM of the post war period.

George Osborne: Was meant to succeed Cameron as PM after reviving the UK economy. Osborne’s bleak economic forecasts for all things Brexit backfired catastrophically.

UK folks living across the EU: Will they seek permanent residency in their host country? Concerns for those EU folks residing in the UK too. Will the 1 million or so Eastern Europeans – who came just over a decade ago – leave the UK for the EU?

Barack Obama: Proof that his influence has waned. His intervention into the campaign was ill-judged.

Younger Generation: I just fear Brexit could discourage or even prevent young Brits from working or travel freely as they face newer tougher EU immigration controls.

Yours truly: Will miss my European passport & moving freely across the mainland.


Nicola Sturgeon With most of Scotland voting to remain,  Sturgeon has once again been given a reason to push for independence from the UK.

Ruth Davidson: Despite being in the remain camp Scottish Tory leader Davidson enhanced her popularity south of the border. Can she save Scotland from breaking away? The most popular Scottish Conservative since….but Westminster politics beckons.

Nigel Farage: Achieved his life long goal. Can drink away his victory in The Red Lion.

Boris Johnson. Superb campaign. Front runner to be next PM. But will he? Boris, Michael Gove & Labour’s Gisela Stuart were a formidable team.

Theresa May. One of Cameron’s biggest influences. Front runners for the Tory Party leadership hardly win the big prize. I feel – despite being in the remain camp – May could snatch the leadership prize from Boris. Tough and safe.

Gerry Adams & Martin McGuiness (Sinn Fein/IRA): After decades of IRA bombings for a reunited Ireland could Adams et al get their wish via a referendum in the provinces?

Priti Patel: She came out swinging against her Tory colleagues for the Brexit team. Did not shy away from publicly criticising Cameron. Will be in the next Cabinet.

Illegal non EU immigrants: Boris promised an amnesty or was that another PR stunt?

UK Border Force: They will be delighted and busy!

English speaking Caribbean nations: The EU forced the UK to scrap the preferential trade deal that gave the Caribbean farmers access  to the British market. Hopefully this deal can be revived.

I am totally shocked.

La vie continue

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