Brexit or Remain – Don’t Panic!

Remain for me.

Not an easy decision despite Cameron’s lackluster campaign.

David Cameron’s”we’re all doomed” led Remain campaign, should have emphasised that the UK will survive whether in or out of the EU; but would benefit and influence far more if we remain part of the EU.

On the Brexit campaign, former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has played a blinder. The toxic negativity of the Remain campaign just played into Boris’ hands.

Some of the issues raised by the Leave campaign are of importance to all British residents Especially immigration or to be more specific- the density of immigration in major towns.

The decade plus long increase in the number of EU migrants from Eastern European to especially England has been monumental. Added to the numbers coming in from war torn countries.

This growth has impacted pressures on jobs, wages, public services in particular social housing. Many Brits who have waited decades for access to social housing only to see some immigrants gain access to such homes ahead of them.

Registering to a local dentist or doctor’s practice 15 years ago was a straight forward exercise. Today you are likely get turned away due to significant growth in immigration.

If the Remain campaign wins tomorrow then current and future governments must fight much harder for Britain’s causes in the EU.

The last Labour government messed up the immigration strategy when the EU accepted former Soviet bloc nations such as Poland and Slovakia. They ignored the warnings of some of my former colleagues in Whitehall on the immigration impact of such regional changes.

Immigration is important to any country’s development. But it has to be measured and beneficial to both host & visitors. British governments should have lobbied harder to get more EU funding to cope with the impending immigration growth.

Hearing Boris championing the causes of illegal immigrants and social housing gave me a chuckle.

Why then did Boris endorse the sale of London’s Olympic Village to the Qatari royal family?

This after the residents of East London were promised that the village – after the 2012 games – were earmarked for social housing.

Boris has said that if the Leave campaign wins he wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants. He has been saying this for 8 years now. Did Boris pressure UK governments to do so for illegal based Londoners when he was Mayor?

Some say that by leaving the EU they’ll get their country back. But in honesty few areas of large private enterprises are owned by UK citizens or taxpayers . Whether it be real estate, manufacturing, technology or even football clubs.

Those foreign investors are from the Middle East, Far East, Africa, US and yes, Eastern European. So saying no to immigrants and yes to billions in foreign investment looks a bit lopsided. We need to strike the right balance.

I feel that remaining in the EU will allow the UK to sustain such foreign investment. As foreign investors prefer using the City of London as their financial hub for EU business.

As a former civil servant I have collaborated with hundreds of public and private sector bodies across the EU for nearly 14 years. I saw first-hand where such collaborations benefited the UK on issues such as reducing bureaucracy, customs reform, national security, anti narcotics, crime & policing, health, information technology, customer services and other front-line services.

On issues such as human rights, privacy laws and worker’s rights, thank heavens we have had the EU to counter some of those policies devised by Tory and Labour governments.

But I accept the EU project must do better for the UK.






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