A Wacky Race to the White House

The current marathon race to the White House is a modern political showcase like no other in living memory.

  • Who thought that Donald Trump would curtail the presidential hopes of so many establishment Republican figures?
  • Who thought that Hillary Clinton’s planned coronation for the Democrat ticket would face a tough fight from  Bernie Sanders?

The expression of anger displayed by politicians and the media at some of the incendiary comments by Trump has been so fake. In essence such comments by Trump are views that other politicians – on both sides  – would leave their own staff to express behind the scenes.

Where was the outcry in the GOP when Trump played the birther card on Obama? In fact during that awful period of racial slurring the NBC kept Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show on air. NBC finally fired on Trump following his anti-Mexican comments.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had regularly questioned Barack Obama’s ‘Muslim connection’ during the 2008 race for the Democratic ticket. But she & her team quietly did so. According better placed sources than me.

Hillary may be the clear favourite to be the next President but she is never far away from some mess that defies belief.  Let us hope for the Democratic Party’s sake they have a plan B.

It is weird seeing how Trump has managed to indirectly create some unthinkable alliances. Such as when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and left-wing film maker Michael Moore displayed unity in their antipathy towards him.


What are we doing here?

For me the winner and losers so far in this car crash political race are many. Below are a few.


  1. Donald Trump – whether he wins the GOP ticket or not he has managed to bring down the likes of Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and transformed Chris Christie into his own (Dick Dastardly) Muttley
  2. Bernie Sanders –  Has by far ran the best campaign.
  3. Live TV debates –  phenomenal viewing figures for cable TV companies.
  4. Rep Tulsi Gabbard – the first term DNC Congresswoman has shown early in her national career that she is not afraid of the Hillary party machine. In her home state of Hawaii, Gabbard helped deliver a trouncing victory for Sanders over Hillary.
  5. Twitter – Trump’s tweets guaranteed headline news across the media.
  6. Vladimir Putin
  7. Barack Obama – his image enhanced due to the poor quality of the current candidates.
  8. Ted Cruz – once reviled by the Republican establishment, is now their main hope in stopping Trump being the candidate.


  1. Hillary Clinton – put to the test by Sanders. Will Hillary ‘reward’ the African American community for their unconditional loyalty?
  2. Political pundits – kept misreading the appeal of Trump and Sanders to angry voters.
  3. American public – hunt for tv ratings meant the media’s obsession with Trump meant little to no coverage of other important news stories.
  4. Republican Party establishment – self destructing since the first televised debate.
  5. Political fund raising – millions  wasted.
  6. Ben Carson – big hero at the start who went missing in action during the debates.
  7. Democratic Party – Democrats over the years have accused the GOP of various vote rigging practices, yet the way they have tried to fixed the process in Hillary’s favour has been shameful. Media playing a helping hand.
  8. Barack Obama – should have chosen a Vice President in his 2nd term who was eager to succeed him.

Will a 3rd candidate to jump in? The GOP could play Governor Nikki Haley as their final anyone but Trump card? She appeals to women, the South, Tea Party , some Hispanic & African Americans voters and the GOP establishment.

The race to the White House may just get even messier. Drat, drat and double drat!


“Think the next occupant with get 2 terms like us?”



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