Gayle’s Poor Shot at Female Interviewer

Chris Gayle’s sexist antics during an interview with Ten broadcaster Mel McLaughlin this week was awful. If only McLoughlin had responded to Gayle flirtatious date request by saying  “can we stick to talking about cricket please?”. Then she would have put the big man in a small place for all to see.

Gayle’s action was just embarrassing and juvenile; given he is meant to be a leader on and off the field. Gayle’s antics lacked the class expected of a public professional in any field.

Gayle simply showed a lack of respect for McLaughlin and the viewers. McLaughlin was simply doing her job and Gayle should have just answered the damn questions on the match he just played.

Gayle has since made a public apology. Let us hope he has also apologised directly to McLaughlin.

Understandably the story is big news in Gayle’s home country of Jamaica. There is little else to talk about when it come to West Indies cricket these days.

Many local observers have rightly questioned his behaviour while the Gayle supporters in the media and on the talk shows defended his actions. Some even emphasising McLaughlin’s looks as a valid excuse for Gayle’s behaviour.

One numpty even stated that as a female journalist McLaughlin should not be interviewing sports-men in the first place. Some supporters have played the racecard and at that moment you just look to the heavens and shake head.

Over in the UK Piers Morgan has understandably backed his good friend Gayle. I would expect nothing else.

Gayle is one of the star attractions in the Big Bash Cricket League in Australia. Gayle must remember he is representing his employers (Melbourne Renegades), the sponsors and Cricket Australia. He is also representing the Caribbean.

Chris, still bat with class on the pitch and do act likewise beyond the boundary.

The Melbourne Renegades have fined Gayle and made a strong statement on the matter. It would have been a good moment for the powers that be at the West Indies Cricket Board or players union – WIPA – to comment as well. Even if it is to remind the players of their obligations and responsibilities as official representatives of the Caribbean.




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2 Responses to Gayle’s Poor Shot at Female Interviewer

  1. vibystrong says:

    I thought it was just a light hearted joke really. Do check out my post and share your views. Would like to read more about your perception.

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