My Shortlist for Person of 2015

Time Magazine’s shortlist for person of 2015 is out and includes Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, Hassan Rouhani, Travis Kalanick (Uber), Caitlyn Jenner and black lives matters.

Below is my alternative short list

Aylan Kurdi – a single photo of this 5 year old Syrian’s deceased body – face down on the Mediterranean coast – forced Europe’s leaders to change their hard line stance on refugees.

Lorretta Lynch  – US Attorney General ended the careers and reputations of numerous corrupt high profile FIFA senior officials and their co-conspirators.

Frankie Dettori – 44 year old English-based Italian jockey who (following a drugs suspension and high profile sacking) resurrected his sliding career to include major wins in the English Derby and Europe’s richest horse race Prix de la arc de Triomphe.

Nicola Sturgeon – Scottish National Party leader whose campaign virtually wiped out the once powerful Labour Party from Scotland in May’s general elections.

Malcolm Turnbull – The former lawyer for former British MI5 agent Peter “Spycatcher” Wright seized the Premiership of Australia from Tony Abbott in a bloodless coup worthy of House of Cards.

Justin Trudeau – Defied the odds to be Canada’s new Prime Minister and bring a breath of fresh centrist air to modern G8 politics.

Xi Jinping – The Chinese President enticed David Cameron, George Osborne, US Administration, Putin, Google and even India’s Narendra Modi to all to treat him/China as still the real economic king maker.

Luis Enrique – Barcelona boss got the best out of Messi, Suarez and Neymar at the same time. Thus enhancing the beautiful game to greater levels.


Time’s winner was Angela Merkel

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