More FIFA Arrest Hits CONCACAF

Once again Swiss plain clothes police walked into a posh Zurich hotel and arrest 2 FIFA officials on corruption charges on behalf of the US Justice Department.

One of the officials arrested today was Alfredo Hawit who is interim president of CONCACAF – confederation that covers football in North/ Central America and the Caribbean.

Mr Hawit took over the interim role when Caymanian Jeffrey Webb was arrested earlier this year – also in a dawn raid at a Zurich Hotel – on serious corruption charges in the US. Webb’s name is pivotal to a non-football corruption trial currently in the Cayman Islands.

Webb today “pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, three counts of wire fraud conspiracy and three counts of money laundering conspiracy.  As part of his plea, Webb agreed to forfeit more than $6.7 million.” – US Justice Department 

Webb had taken over the CONCACAF presidency in 2012 from the legendary Jack Warner who was in charge from 1999 until 2011. Warner is currently fighting extradition to the US to face corruption charges which 2 of his sons has already pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

Not to forget Chuck Blazer – who was general secretary under Jack Warner – who has admitted his involvement in numerous corruption deals. Blazer is a key witness for the US Justice Department.

Can CONCACAF survive as a respected governing body? Should it be sanctioned or disbanded?



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