Cameron Chucks Jamaica a Jailhouse Tease

This week David Cameron left the UN and on his way home nipped into Kingston, Jamaica – for less than 24 hours – and just took the proverbial at the politicial class there. Just looking at Cameron’s body language you could tell he had little interest in being in Jamaica.

Given the UK government’s never ending anti-Jamaican insults I wondered what patronising policy will Cameron be bringing there.

The UK is to spend £25m on building a prison in Jamaica so that foreign criminals in the UK can be sent home to serve sentences in the Caribbean.

More than 600 Jamaican nationals are in UK jails but cannot be deported because of Jamaica’s poor prison conditions. – BBC News

Should the current & former Jamaican government ministers feel embarrassed at the poor archaic prison conditions that they have overseen since 1962?

If there is one set of people that the British establishment enjoys disrepecting it is definitely Jamaicans. Whether through law/order, education, immigration/visas, trade and now this.

If Cameron was in Jamaica to make some postive announcements like the development of IT academies or the major redevelopment of the Jamaican Railway etc I would have said ‘wise move’. But a bleeding prison? 

China assists Ethiopia to build a state of the art light rail network and Jamaica gets a new prison from blighty. Selassie I

David Cameron did announce at £300 million fund for infrastructure development across 8 English speaking Caribbean nations. I just hope the Caribbean leaders and their civil servants double check the small print on such pledges. Refer to Number 10 website.

The real reason behind Cameron’s £25 million gift is no doubt to cut the prison capital and running cost to the UK Treasury.  Let’s shove the prisoners to Jamaica before the end of their sentencing.

There are some Jamaicans languishing in the UK prison system who should never be there due to mental health issues. No doubt such inmates will be farmed to Jamaica in a rush.

Some of these Jamaican born inmates have lived legally in the UK since childhood. But because they are not British passport holders the government will play fast and loose to deport such individuals.

Chris Grayling – Justice Secretary – is bound to be one of the chief architects behind this move. Grayling has over the years being one of the most anti-immigrant MPs in modern politics. Since becoming Justice Secretary he was criticized by British judges for trying to block legal aid to those fighting deportation.

Grayling even tried to enforce a ban on the number of books an inmate could receive from family or friends.

My thoughts turn to the Jamaican women banged up in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Central England and their equivalent. Many of whom are wrongly imprisoned (no crime committed) due to poor advice and bullying. What will happen those Jamaican women?

[What happens to some of those convicted Jamaicans appealing against their sentence- as is their right? We’ve seen a few high profile Jamaican convictions overturned in the past.  Any deportation to serve sentences in Jamaica will make such appeals virtually impossible to pursue.]

Knowing how the British government works this prison deal/scam could lead -in the long term-to Jamaica hosting other UK based inmates who are from other parts of the Caribbean.

How can any Jamaican govt accept such a diabolical token gesture?

This is a moment for Jamaica’s opposition leader Andrew Holness to take the initiative and say hell no DC.  But given Holness was a guest at the last Tory Party annual conference I wonder.

Former Jamaica PM Bruce Golding did reject a similar prison building offer from Cameron’s predecessor Gordon Brown.

October is black history month in the UK and in Jamaica October has national heritage week. Cameron’s hand out is not the kind of bilateral collaboration worth appreciating.


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