Blatter’s back battered and bolder. For now

Sepp Blatter remains FIFA president. What was the fuss last week? UEFA has a lot of explaining to do in how they campaigned against Blatter so disastrously. UEFA chief Michel Platini recommended that his body vote for Prince Ali bin Hussein of Jordan. But 18 European nations -including Spain and France- ignored Platini’s directive and voted for Blatter.

Not one of Platini’s finest moments.

Prince Hussein  – despite getting over 70 votes – was always a lame duck option and a waste of football politics time. Despite the Qatar controversy in getting the 2022 World Cup, there was no way Spain and France could vote against Blatter as Qatar has billions invested in Spain and France e.g. owning top French club PSG and sponsoring Barcelona FC.

Blatter, Jack Warner and other critics of the US Justice Department have complained as to the timing of the arrest in Zurich of FIFA officials. In fact Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have blundered in their arrest plans.

The CONCACAF showpiece tournament  – Gold Cup – will be held in the US/Canada during July this year. Why didn’t the US wait until all the CONCACAF officials (suspects) were present on their soil to make these arrests? It would have been less costly than to go through a raft of extradition battles which could drag on.

Warner has been ranting and raving in Trinidad & Tobago and threatening current PM Kamla Persad Bissessar with all kinds of armageddeon actions. Warner in playing “third world” and religion (Qatar -“Muslim”) cards sounds opportunistic. Note that Warner has not commented much on his 2 sons guilty plea.

South Africa football chief Danny Jordaan has admitted transferring $10m to CONCACAF but denies any bribing – “development grant”. Some South Africans are not asking serious questions on the wisdom of such a “grant”.

Some in UEFA have suggested pulling out the Russian World Cup in 2018. How would UEFA deal with one of its Champion Leagues major sponsors GAZPROM? The Russian energy giant is also a major sponsor of FIFA.

They say in racing there is no such thing as a certainty. But Blatter’s win was never in doubt. Next time UEFA decide to back a prince charming to lead FIFA they should opt for one of their own. Prince William. He won’t be King of England for now.

Updated 2 June 2015 – Now that was a short reign by Sepp. Out before the Champions League final.

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