Mailing it to Sturgeon

The Daily Mail for some time now have been relentless  in their negative coverage of Nicola Sturgeon head of the Scottish National Party (SNP). No real surprise there.

So when Sturgeon gave an impressive performance at Thursday’s leadership debate you knew Paul Dacre- editor of the Daily Mail – had something up hiss scare mongering sleeve the next day. Dacre didn’t disappoint.

“Most Dangerous Woman in Britain”

It tells you much that despite having the backing of the Tory dominated media that David Cameron has never really commanded a large enough lead in the polls that would give his party a clear mandate at the next general elections in May.

Many of Cameron’s Cabinet ministers have had such an easy ride that when serious political cock-ups were made his print media pals downplayed them. But the same fair treatment was not metered out on their Liberal-Democrat coalition partners.

Home Secretary Teresa May is prime example. May has had such any easy ride despite numerous failings on immigration, policing, child abuse inquiry, NSA. Nothing wrong there some might say. But hard to imagine a Labour Home Secretary with a track record similar to May lasting a whole parliament at Marsham Street – Home Office HQ – without a Daily Mail onslaught leading to their sacking.

No way is Sturgeon above criticism but let’s be open and accept that the Daily Mail and Tory central office are on a mission to dig the SNP’s political grave. At all cost. SNP is their critical enemy and not Labour.

So what other tricks will the noble Dacre pull to shock and awe voters on Sturgeon? Will he use his old mate Gordon Brown to warn voters of a dooms day scenario? Will Dacre accuse Sturgeon of having a higher salary than Cameron? They’ve tried that one before. Or will the Mail resort to their time honoured tradition of playing the fashion card?

One thing Sturgeon confirmed on Thursday was that there was more to the SNP than just former leader Alex Salmond.

As for Daily Mail’s election coverage of the SNP or Labour’s Ed Miliband – Don’t believe all the tripe.

Well done the Daily Telegraph for not disappointing either – with the help of the Foriegn Office Tory special advisers – for the “Sturgeon secretly backs Cameron” story. More smears coming Sturgeon way. Ed Miliband in playing up to the these allegations should know better. As a former Whitehall insider.

Proximity to power deludes some into thinking they wield it. – Francis Underwood (House of Cards) who would have rubbed his hands with glee to plan such smears.

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