What a week for some in media land

Only Liz Lemon not dumped NBC

Over to Liz Lemon never dumped by NBC


Its been a strange for many of those who report the news making the headlines themselves.

  1. Brian Williams suspended by NBC for fabricating being under attack in Iraq in 2003.
  2. Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show after 16 years.
  3. Cathy Newman (Channel 4 News) severely reprimanded for tweeting allegations at being “ushered” from a mosque in South London. Takes a break from twitter.
  4. Daily Mirror making a public apology for phone hacking.

Big winner must be Rupert Murdoch’s US/UK empire following those above events; and for securing a new 3 year £4.2bn TV deal (2016-19) to show the English Premier League to the domestic UK market.

Sadly CBS’ “60 Minutes” lost another stalwart in Bob Simon. A journalist whose stories was always interesting.



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