Tory Defection leads to Deflection

Douglas Carswell resigned as an MP for the Tory party to join UKIP (UK Independence Party) an anti- EU party. The next day Tory PM David Cameron announced that the UK terrorism threat has been risen from substantial (strong possibility) to severe (highly likely) . Any coincidence?

Likely. As since 9/11 and the London bombings of July 7 2005 Governments of all colours have used the likely terrorism threat as means to deflect from any embarrassing domestic issue they are facing. The UK Government stated the threat could be come from UK citizens who are currently fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May have promised to bring in new leglisations to reduce such a threat.

My concern is that since 2001 the UK government has passed a raft of legislation that should enforce the measures there are now proposing. So the recent comment by Cameron does look like a PR move to steal the headlines from Carswell’s defection.

There are enough anti-terrorism laws on the books some of which have been misused by public bodies. 

Some are suggesting taking away the UK citizenship of those fighting for ISIS . Would such a move apply to the numerous former UK soldiers who have turned to mercenary in Africa.  Such as Simon Mann who recently served time for a coup attempt in Guinea Bissau.

In a bizarre twist the UK citizens who are fighting for ISIS are doing what UK governments have done for decades in that region and still do. i.e. destabilise the Middle East. For their own interest.

So as Douglas Carswell joins a political party that wants the UK to leave the EU maybe Cameron and Western governments needs to opt out of the current Middle East crisis.

Leave the current crisis to the regional governments – including Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – to own up and resolve the current mess for once. As those leaders with their finances all seem to be adept at sponsoring chaos in the region, then sit back and let the West’s army personnel do all the leg work.



About africanherbsman1967

Spent 3 decades in working in Whitehall mainly for Customs and Excise, Cabinet Office and Home Office. Worked for hundreds of public sector bodies in the UK, EU, US etc. Ex-London tour guide. Love photography, reading, arts, music, sports and farming.
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