A Tale of Two Killings – Decades Apart

The sad killing of Lee Rigby by two black men has raised racial & religious tensions IN parts of the UK Community. Not surprising the killing has been hijacked by supporters of the English Defence League.

But worse still many others – that you would expect better from- have jumped on the EDL bang wagon to lament the colour issue and moan the continued changing face of Britain. I recall hearing on in the media by one white Londoner that the men should be deported – not realising the 2 killers are British like him. One other Londoner moaned that the terrorist group Irish Republican Party (IRA) were not as bad with their terrorist actions of the past. Never knew you could score marks on terrorists groups.

These young men who carried out the killing are simply criminals and all hopes that justice will prevail.

One would have hoped the cry for justice would have been as loud for the Christopher Alder who was unlawful killed (coroners view) in police custody in Hull, even if the courts cleared 5 cops of all charges. Where were the EDL when the Alder’s family were told that the body they had buried 10 years earlier was not that of Christopher? Where was the national outcry?

So please, before the media and opportunist use Rigby’s death as a cause to stir up the ignorant and reactionaries, let’s take a step back and ponder that 2 innocent soldiers died in the UK and the reactions based on their race has been starkly different.

Worse still that some liberalish folks feel the EDL have a point when it comes to immigration. We know they mean blacks and Asians in particular. If the economy was booming and the BME were rock bottom in the career stakes no one would bat an eyelid.

So as supporters of the EDL, BNP and the National Front co-ordinate numerous protests across England tomorrow, let us not sit back and hide but face those idiots head on. Some of us have been on the streets facing them for generations. Now is not the time to watch tomorrows Epsom Derby, Britain’s Got Talent or go shopping.

We cannot rely on the UK main national political parties to speak for us as they are part of the problem with their coded stirring of the immigration subject. A deflective tactic used by govt’s when they have generally messed up the economy.

And as the stalwart of Speaker’s Corner, Roy Sawh said “if you  (the right wingers) don’t like us (Blacks and Asians) being here in the UK – leave”

Christopher Alder 1960 – 1998
Lest Not Forget


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