Obama vs Romney Part 2 – Mitt’s Act of Error

President Barack Obama won the 2nd presidential debate over Republican Mitt Romney held last night in Hempstead New York. It was a clear cut victory for the President whose performance was much more relaxed, assertive and aggressive than the first debate 2 weeks ago in Denver.

The transformation in Obama was stark and for me not surprising. His victory would have given the Democrats a big lift in the push to get Obama a second term in office.

I think Obama is at his best when the odds are stacked against him. In the past 2 weeks the polls had shown Romney with the momentum following his victory in the first debate. Obama’s turnaround was expected and he delivered.

The 2 candidates discussed more issues within the allotted 90 minutes than the previous debate; economy, education, jobs, tax,  equal pay, Libya, trading with China, energy, gun crime, trade, health and social security.

Obama delivery was more concise, clear and commanding. Much as Romney tried the President refused to allow his opponent to take over the debate.

Romney was energetic and his delivery was in the salesmanship style of how the US economy will reverse under his stewardship. He did look uncomfortable with the townhall style of the debate. Obama was able to dissect and give a clear summary of Romney’s “5 point plan” to fix the US economy.

Just like last week’s Vice President’s debate between Paul Ryan and incumbent Joe Bidenm  the debate was aggressive, passionate, energetic, blunt and heated.

Obama scored big on 3 issues. One which could be telling and will be played in trailers of future presidential debates for decades to come.

  1. On the issue of immigration Romney’s implied attack on the latino population who are working in the US without a green card could have cost him votes in some key states.
  2. The President displayed an angry side when scolding Ronmey for assuming the President or his staff would score political points over the Benghazi deaths. Romney retorted with immense confidence that that Obama had taken 14 days to describe the deaths as an “ act of terror” . But moderator Candy Crowly corrected Romney on the spot and confirmed that the President had used the “act o terror” phrase in his speech the day after the deaths in Libya. Romney never recovered from that blunder. The American right must have preparing for damaging limitations and to attack Crowley for correcting Romney so publicly. Was it her job to do so? It was a surreal moment of television political history.
  3. Romney in his final 2 minutes, in answer to a question on any public misconceptions of himself, said that he was for 100% of American. Romney did not really have to go there and Obama to close the debate hammering Romney about the infamous 47% tape. Romey had no comeback. An unnecessary own goal by the challenger which could prove costly.

Ronmey’s comment about having a “binder full of (qualified ) women” to choose from when was Governor of Massachusetts made me laugh and think of Mission Impossible’s  Jim Phelps or Daniel Briggs viewing the folder of their agents at the beginning of each episode.

The town hall style debate allowed Obama and Romney to circle each other as if waiting for Spartacus (or Jesse Ventura) to join them for the kill.  In the end it was the President who was victorious as we head to next week’s concluding trilogy.

Impossible Mission for Mitt?

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