UWI vs UTECH Clash

Yesterday a couple of my mates and I visited the Mona grounds of the University of the West Indies (UWI) for the annual sporting clash against their nearby rivals University of Technology.

The one day of sporting events is a new programme devised by both institutions and is similar to the traditional English rivalry that occurs between Cambridge University and Oxford University.

The event was well attended with UWI performers and their fans in their red tops whilst UTECH sported blue and yellow coloured shirts. Most of the University attendees there were women which would have made Robert Mugabe beat his chest following his comments this week.

Netball audience

Men’s T-20 cricket  started off proceedings with UWI coming out the victors. The game drew a large turn out of students cheering, singing, blowing their vuvuzelas and rhythmically bashing their Dutch pot covers together. This form of cheering was a regular feature for the day; especially for the indoor events such as basketball and tae kwon-do for the men and volleyball and netball for the women.

On the grass the men played a game of rugby league. I never knew 13-man rugby league was played in Jamaica. Always assumed it was 15- man rugby union that the few Jamaican club and school teams played. The rugby was very entertaining and competitive. The players were committed to the tackles and the ball handling was impressive. Worryingly a few dangerous high tackles went unpunished. The crowd got into the match and made some serious noise whenever a try was scored. The crowd were even louder whenever the 2 biggest men were carrying the ball and breaking through the tackles. UTECH won the game.

UTECH with the ball

The ladies played an 11-side football match after the rugby concluded. Another entertaining clash was offered up by the players. Some of the tackling, ball control and player awareness were impressive. The UTECH right back would have made former Italian defender Claudio Gentile blush. The referee had to dismiss her following two ferocious tackles on the UWI left winger. The match ended 1-1 and as extra time was about to start my mates and I decided leave for home. So we missed the final event which was a men’s football match. Overall UWI were victors for the day.

UTECH in white

Future UTECH or UWI?

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2 Responses to UWI vs UTECH Clash

  1. Thanks for this post which brought back memories for me. I grew up on the campus of UWI where my stepfather was a lecturer during the early to mid ’50s, and I enjoyed many weekends over those years watching the students participate in various sports down at the sports facilities. I wrote about those early years at UWI in my memoir, “A Jamaican’s Journey to Time and Patience,” and in my blog at http://dgcoy.me.

    Thanks, too, for your posts on a wide range of subjects. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Derrick, Thank you for your kind words and for reading my posts. I really appreciate that. I will get a kindle version of your book. When researching your family history did you use the Register General’s Office for any supporting material? Gary.

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