Stephen Lawrence

Relieved that after 19 years of waiting two racists were found guilty  today at the Old Bailey for the murder of young Stephen Lawrence. Finally. About time!!!

Stephen’s parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, must be commended for the dignified way they pursued their quest for justice. Stephen’s friend Duwayne Brooks – who was also chased on the night of Stephen’s murder – must also feel a sense of part closure. Having discussed the case with Duwayne a few years I could understandably sense and appreciate his anger at how he was treated by the police following Stephen’s murder.

Part closure for Duwayne and Stephen’s parents because we all know that there are three other scumbags out there in South London who were also involved and the police and CPS have so far failed bring them to justice.

Without the perseverance of the Lawrences, Duwayneplus the Stephen Lawrence public enquiry we would never have had “justice” today. The inquiry did highlight the corruption and sheer incompetence of the Met Police in their handling of the original investigation. 

I can vividly recall when I first heard of Stephen’s murder as if it was yesterday. Stephen’s murder did take my anger to levels I never knew I had back then.

This was because in those days we had been on a number of marches in South London following the racist murder in Thames Mead of Roland Adams aged 15 in 1991. So a lot of us where saying “not another racist murder”.

Today’s verdict on those 2 shits is a lesson for all of us when fighting for a battle  we truly believe in – don’t give up.

The Lawrences have stood the long course for justice for their son despite numerous knock backs from the criminal justice system. They have done more to improve the way the Police conduct investigations than any Home Secretary of the past 30 years.

Respect to them.

I just hope the criminal justice system finally got the right men as I would hate to hear in years to come that the verdict gets overturned by some technicality or dare I say – incompetence. 

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