Burnin and Looting

On the 6th August I caught up with my good friend Mia in Acton. I had not seen her since October of last year. Mia and I have some good debates when we catch up and one of the subjects we discussed was the state of the society we live in given the state of the economy, uprisings across the Middle East, hacking saga and the mood of the UK. At one moment I turned to Mia and said ” I would not be surprised that there will be some kind of disruptions and riots by young people  very soon”. I sure didn’t see what was to start that same evening in Tottenham and spread to other areas of London and England.

Really feel it for those that lost their lives, homes or business during the recent riots. The fault for the disturbances is collectively a reflection of where our society has been going. We have created a group of individuals who lack respect for others or themselves, who are extremely materialistic and a belief that you do not have to work hard. Wrong.

Let us hope this is a turning point in our society where we step back and recognise the need to instil values and beliefs, goals and also the need to love our communities. But how can this work in the communities amongst the cities? Especially London.

The London economy for the working and middle class is in a poor state. Bills increasing but salaries are either stagnant or in some case high level of job losses. Just look at the price increases of up to 18% but gas utility companies. Salaries on a whole have stalled for sometime by middle and low income earners.

This is a moment for all us to turn this country round for the better. But unlike the rioters we must not over react and inflict over the top sentences to those youngsters found guilty of stealing a bottle of wine. Excessive punishments by the courts for minor offences are likely to be overturned in the Court of Appeals,

David Cameron has made a number of pronouncements about what his government plans to do. But we all know that a number of the planned initiatives by the government will cost money. So lets see in 6 months time see whether any of their ideas have moved from speech into real action.

Finally I refer readers to this excellent article by Peter Oborn










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Spent 3 decades in working in Whitehall mainly for Customs and Excise, Cabinet Office and Home Office. Worked for hundreds of public sector bodies in the UK, EU, US etc. Ex-London tour guide. Love photography, reading, arts, music, sports and farming. https://www.instagram.com/tigerg_uk/
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